Galilean Healing - True Heart of Jesus Reiki Practitioners Day Workshop

Galilean Healing - True Heart of Jesus Reiki Practitioners Day Workshop
This is a newly channelled & certified Reiki Healing Day Workshop. It is a Beyond Mastership attunement for those with Reiki 2 & above. True Heart of Jesus healing draws on the Christed Consciousness Gateway & the Spiritual version of Jesus, as well as the very Earthly Jesus of Nazareth & his circle of healers from Galilee. You are given two different Master symbols, which elevates & calibrates the vibration of Reiki, to beyond Master level. The symbol was channelled to me by Usui himself, blessing this healing modality as he did. Channelling Jesus through your hands & extended heart space & connecting the client into the Christed Consciousness energy stream, you will learn to work with each of Jesus's amazing circle while connecting into the whole planet & the heavens. I'm a Reiki Master with over a decade of healing experience,; also a Spiritual Medium & Psychic. Coming from a very logical perspective, I have been able to channel and create a very balanced healing modality. It provides healing on the physical, spiritual & emotional plus importantly the mental, healing seeds of issues which mean lifting people easily from current life cycles. A second day of learning is available for those who wish to, to learn how to remove previous life seeds from clients. Working with the beautiful soul that is Peter-Simon. From the day you will receive a coursebook and healing crystals. It is assessed through the workshop and additionally 9 case studies, a personal healing journal for the next 21 days, as well as an open book test. From this you will receive a cerificate which is insurable through Balens. The cost of the attunement & workbook is £250, which will include a workbook, a secondary Louise Hay book and two healing crystals to take away with you. A deposit of £30 for the day is needed. Please contact me to book a place. More Details -




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