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Trance for Beginners with Inspiral and Natalie Walker

Trance & Experimental Physical Mediumship Workshop with Natalie Walker. Inspiral are delighted to welcome back talented medium Natalie Walker to present for you a Trance and Physical Mediumship day for beginners ! The focus will be on trance development and levels of awareness working with communication, spirit healing, philosophy. And allowing your spirit guides and loved ones to work through you, the student, to show evidential trance mediumship. Natalie Walker has over 23 years of experience as a working medium and teacher. She travels throughout europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand and has a wealth of knowledge working within the field of trance. She will make you feel safe and secure within your development whilst recognizing your individual needs and will provide an informative, structured day for all levels to enjoy Venue : Grays Date : 14th October Price £40.00 for the whole day



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