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Reiki Level 1 Workshop

Reiki 1 attunement or Reiki level 1, allows the Reiki energy to flow into your body for the first time and opens up your chakras and gently cleanses your system. It will begin to dispel and clear energy blocks but also toxins in the physical body. It can be seen as a detoxification process to integrate the Reiki energy into your physical and other bodies but is a very gentle and life changing process. This level is all about you, in terms of self-awareness, self-development and is a powerful method for self-healing. You can use Reiki level 1 for healing and practice on friends and family. A Reiki 1 attunement is powerful in its own right. I like to keep class numbers small so that any queries are fully answered and we can work on your specific healing strengths. This is a one day course and you will be given specific meditations with a certificate of achievement and a comprehensive Reiki Level 1 manual. We will cover information in the manual with four Reiki 1 attunements given. Lost of hands on practice, questions and feedback on how to do healing sessions. We will be going through hand positions both seated and lying down. Meditations and energy exercises will also be covered. Once you are attuned you are able to run the Reiki energy through your body for use on yourself or others. The more you practice the stronger the flow of energy. Ongoing Support A full support program is in place after the workshop via telephone, email, Facebook Support group or a face to face chat. Preparation for Reiki 1 attunements In the week leading up to the course try and distress by taking more time for yourself and maybe take more walks in nature. If you meditate then do so. Avoid alcohol at least a week before the class and caffeine and nicotine at least a day or so before beginning the course. Please message us for prices.



07738290740 (Deanna Thomas)

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