Animal Communication Diploma

Animal Communication Diploma
The Animal Communication Diploma is for those who wish to be recognised as having attained a professional standard in animal communication and who wish to be certified. It is made up of the eight Path of the Seer Shamanic Training modules PLUS the eight Animal Communication modules detailed in the Shining Horse website: Additionally, participants are asked to successfully complete case histories and written assignments. Upon successful completion of the above, participants will then be awarded the Shining Horse Animal Communication Diploma and invited to join the Shining Horse Council of Animal Ambassadors. "The world needs more people who are prepared to be ambassadors for the Earth and the animal kingdom. To this end, we must constantly be striving to be the best we can be, learning from one another, maintaining integrity, humility and a beginner's mind. My hope is that as animal communicators, we be wholly wedded to an internal code of standards and ethics to include the principle of non-violence. It is my belief that this principle should be applied both towards our treatment of the animals themselves but also to the way in which we treat the humans to whom we pass our messages. Only by embracing the principle of non-violence can we ensure that our messages be heard and integrated by their human recipients." Susie Shiner, Founder of Shining Horse, Shamanism, Animal Communication & Horse Medicine The Shining Horse Animal Communication Diploma begins in November, 2017 and is held in a beautiful rural venue in a peaceful and secluded location overlooking Wentwood Forest in Monmouthshire. It is approximately 15 minutes from Chepstow, easily accessible from the M4/M5 and the Severn Bridge.



VISIT WEBSITE 01291641199 (Susie Shiner)

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