Path of the Seer Shamanic Training

"Seership is about learning the universal language by which all beings communicate. The result is that you will be able to hold a thought conversation with the plant, animal and human kingdoms whether in spirit or in body." Susie Shiner, Founder of Shining Horse: Shamanism, Animal Communication & Horse Medicine. The Path of the Seer Shamanic Training is the foundational course which underpins the other trainings on offer. It is a profoundly enriching experience where each participant is apprenticing themselves to their deep knowing, the well of wisdom within each of us, as well as to the animal kingdom and finally to the Earth Herself. It is about you uncovering your own way of doing things, your own mystery and about asking yourself profoundly searching questions until you come into your own sovereignty and understanding of who you are. By centring ourselves in the natural world, and connecting deeply with our essential self, we begin the journey home where we feel once again our belonging to the natural world and begin to hear the world talk. Using the mandala of the Dragon's Egg as a map towards wholeness, we begin at the centre and venture out on a journey of self-discovery to the first four directions, North, South, East and West encompassing the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, seeking balance as we develop our seership. The Path of the Seer Shamanic Training Course comprises a unique journey of self-discovery and awareness training and consists of 8 modules. Through experiential exercises with the natural world you will come to a deeper understanding of who you are and to a place of communion with All That Is. The course is held once a year for a small group of participants only. Begins November, 2017 and runs concurrently with the Shining Horse Animal Communication Diploma. Shining Horse is about 15 minutes drive from Chepstow in a beautiful, peaceful rural location iwth views over Wentwood Forest.



VISIT WEBSITE 01291 641199 (Susie Shiner)

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