Accredited Training Courses

Luna Holistics is dedicated to offering the best alternative healing courses to enable you to become a fully proficient practitioner in any of the following subjects:- Animal healing - Crystal Healing - Colour Therapy - Massage - Feng Shui - Teaching Yoga - Reiki - Chakra and Aura therapy - Angel therapy - counselling courses - energy healing - Tarot - Palm reading - Psychic development - etc..... Accreditation worldwide: When students have successfully passed any of our professional courses and examination you will be issued with a qualification that is recognised and eligible for you to obtain the necessary insurance. Graduates will also be eligible to apply to be board certified practitioners through a number of accreditation bodies including the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. (IPHM) Simple to follow - fun to do - tutor support - also take a look at our amazing value career package offers:



Luna Holistics
Luna Holistics - Luna Holistics is one of the leading Distance Learning Training providers, specialising in offering professional training courses in a wide range of holistic, alternative and spiritual therapies.

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