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Reiki Second Degree ~ Practitioner (Okuden)

After Reiki First Degree, there is still more that you can learn! Once you have learnt the basic concepts and meditations at First Degree, we go on to learn all three symbols and carry out some exercises on how to use them. Boost your Reiki energy flow and increase your intuition when giving treatments. You will also receive your Second Degree Reiju empowerments on the workshop day. Includes a full course manual and audio CD. For further details, please see my course website:



07724 598188
Lesley Sherlock
Lesley Sherlock - Lesley is a Reiki Practitioner and teacher. She has trained in both western and Japanese styles of Reiki, receiving her first attunements in 2004. She took her Master Teacher training in 2009 with Tina Shaw of Absolute Reiki.

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