cosmic ordering

Have you heard of law of attraction or the secret? well this goes even further! right into the Cosmos! Intriguing day workshop just £50 including a light lunch. Learn how to tap into universal energy to bring the best results for anything from being wealthy, to achieve in sports, career & business success and also to maintain good health & wellbeing and fulfilled relationships. This workshop goes further into how cosmic ordering works, by explaining how the Universal energy resonates and how we are all connected. Encouraging you to change bad habits of negative thinking and turn them positive focused thoughts, whilst tapping into the powerful energy of the Universe. Understand your own energy fields and how it can easily be disturbed by interference from negative energy waves such as mobile phones. Learning how to protect yourself from external influences you can maintain positive energy within yourself, your home and work environment and achieve amazing results not just for yourself but for everyone around you... If you want proof that cosmic ordering works, then come and see our centre!



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