Past life Regression with Kevin skinner

People from all walks of life are becoming increasingly keen to learn from the past and be free of the emotional or spiritual debris it may have left them with. Past life regression is, in fact, the service I’m asked to provide more often than any other at the moment. I’m not at all surprised by this as not only is it a fascinating and enjoyable experience, but it is also a powerful tool for dealing with a wide range of conditions such as phobias and anxieties. Furthermore, it can provide immensely useful insight into our spiritual development, relationships and our sense of purpose. We may discover a “soul family”, people we have chosen to share, to varying degrees, several lifetimes with. We may even rediscover gifts, skills and talents that we had in a previous life but had forgotten about, or not had another opportunity to discover in this one. In fact, the list of benefits is not only long, it is always growing. On many occasions now I’ve seen people gain from the experience in ways I’d never imagined. Whether your motivation is that wonderful human quality of curiosity or a therapeutic reason, certain benefits are universally granted. The great purpose of the journey of our soul through all it’s incarnations is that of learning. Through past life regression that learning can be fully internalised and integrated. Bringing a wisdom far greater than could be achieved in the years of one life. A sense of orientation and purpose may also be gained. Anything that makes your understanding of yourself more whole and inclusive of all of yourself, not just in space but in time, is a great aid to development, and past life regression brings this deeper self knowledge. I hope you will join me on the evening of the 27th June, to experience a fascinating journey into a past incarnation, rich with information and inspiration to nourish your on going spiritual evolution. £5 pp



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