Tibetan Buddhism Meditation workshop

Tibetan Buddhism-A Journey to Nirvana meditation workshop TIBETAN BUDDHISM is the body of buddhist doctrine characteristic of Tibet and the Dalai Lama. Samsara and Nirvana, although quite different, can only exist in relation to each other. Samsara refers to the cycle of rebirth, suffering, karma and death while Nirvana is the cessation of suffering through enlightenment. In this workshop we will look at how Tibetan buddhist practises can help us along our spiritual journey to Nirvana. What are the Bodhisattva vows? What is the Rainbow body and the purpose of meditating on a Guru image? Who is Kuan Yin and how can chanting her mantra help us in our daily lives? "There is not a single aspect of the 84,000 sections of the Buddhas teachings which is not contained in Kuan Yins 6 syllable mantra" To close we will enjoy a beautiful meditation called "Journey into Nirvana" Peace...bliss...happiness Payment details:- cash Pay pal vor Bank transfer sort code 23-05-80 account no 24078302 Mrs S Wiseman £15



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