Soul Alchemy in Egypt - Sacred Tour & Retreat

Soul Alchemy in Egypt - Sacred Tour & Retreat
Soul Alchemy in Egypt 25 October 2017 12 Nights Private Access Tour - Pyramids & Nile Temples A sacred tour with a unique group of souls; a moving retreat; a powerful series of spiritual activations. That is what this journey will be. And above all else, an adventure in the Land of Khem, and a journey into your own heart. Our group will visit the sacred sites together, meditating and doing spiritual practices. The theme is inner alchemy and transformation, ascension, and honouring the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine to bring about the sacred marriage. We will work together, allowing the sacred space and group energy to support and nourish us. At each temple and power place there will be spiritual Activations. Come with your dreams, come with your visions, come with your past lives, and allow Egypt to activate and transform you. Egypt is indeed the healer, the activator, the transformer, and the Great Mystery. It is truly humbling to be present at these sacred sites on Mother Gaia. What's included: Three Private Access Visits: Inside the King's Chamber - Between the Paws of the Sphinx - Inside the Chapel of Sekhmet Visiting sacred sites and temples in Cairo, Sakkara, Luxor, Abydos, Dendera, Aswan, Nile Temples Accommodation: 5* hotels, 5* deluxe Nile Cruise boat. Travel in a luxury air conditioned tour bus, internal flights to Luxor and back to Cairo, all transfers Guides who are attuned to meditation and the chakras. Retreat processes and Activations with Katy Keel Katy Keel - Retreat Leader Katy has spent more than 20 years working with meditation, spiritual teachings, healing arts and divination; she has trained extensively in energy medicine and leads meditation groups and women's circles. Katy believes we are all teachers with the capacity to be walking masters and we hold the knowledge inside of us – true meditation takes us to that place. To register: Enquires: Soul Radiance Tours



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