SoulFire - Channelling The Divine

SoulFire - Channelling The Divine
Soulfire - Channelling The Divine is a day of tuition activations and messages from the masters starbeings and fae who are waiting to come through you I am an international channelling tutor who teaches in america australia and around the world. Your team is growing and they want more than anything to help you receive energy and messages to transform your life and also the lives of those around you When we channel we create a vortex upon earth this literally allows our vibration to be 'as divine' as we wish our life was - I will teach you if you are an empath healer conscious person and have a big heart it doesn't matter if you are already a healer or medium or a complete beginner this is Not trance this is working safely with ascended energies whose only interest is to expand you - think Esther Hicks, Bashar, Lee Harris that's what i teach You can either just come for the day for £55 or combine it with a personal session with the Guides on Sunday for just £99 to book message me via my website and I'll give you options to pay



VISIT WEBSITE 01673 828081 (Sheelagh Maria Wright)

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