Spiritual & Ascension Development Workshop :- Part 0ne

Spiritual & Ascension Development Workshop :-  Part 0ne
Spiritual & ascension development workshop: - Part 1 Sunday 1st October 2017 This workshop is the first in a series of Spiritual & ascension development workshops (Part 1, 2, 3…) This series of workshops will give you the knowledge, wisdom, meditations, tools and practical skills to help develop your Spirituality and raise your consciousness. Mother Earth & humanity are ascending towards a fifth dimensional Aquarian “Golden age” consciousness. These workshops will help you to understand this shift in consciousness and will help you, on your journey, to your ascension and help break the cycle of re-incarnating into a third dimensional consciousness. For more details visit my website: -- OR Facebook Spiritual ascension UK Part one:- Sunday 1st October Part two: - Sunday 22nd October Part three - Sunday 26th November Workshop Summary • The history of our Spiritual journey: - Free will, “The fall in consciousness”, duality consciousness, re-incarnation & ascension • Psychic & spiritual protection & grounding • Spiritual ascension & the path to Your ascension • Understanding Karma, Life lessons, Divine plan and the Universal Spiritual laws • Typical symptoms of the ascension process • The seven keys to your ascension • Third dimensional (3D) consciousness: - 3D lifestyle choices and self-analysis • Saint Germaine’s Violet flame: - How to call upon and use the Violet flame • Lord Lantos’s flame of Wisdom: - How to call upon and use the flame of Wisdom • Two meditations – Visit the etheric violet flame & flame of wisdom temples and learn how to use these amazing energies. Audio copies will be sent to you via email or facebook. Cost, Payment & Contact details • The cost of this workshop is £50.00. This includes a student note book (approx. 33 pages) and two audio meditations. • Places can be reserved on payment of a £20 deposit. • Via PayPal me (you do not need a Pay pal account) Type into your web browser: - My Spiritual Background My spiritual journey started around 30 years ago. Over the last several years I have been very interested in the ascension process. I have read many ascension books and web pages derived from good quality, reliable channeled sources. I have also been channeling ascension wisdom and would like to pass on this information to those who are called to follow their path to their ascension. I have implemented this wisdom into my daily life and started my ascension journey with amazing results. • I was brought up as a Catholic • During my teenage years, I attended trance mediumship and clairvoyance demonstrations. • I have been practicing transcendental meditation (TM) since 1988 and have found this a very beneficial technique for calming my mind. • I trained at the “Joseph Carey Psychic foundation” (JCPF) in Portsmouth for several years during the early 1990’s. I developed my Clairvoyant skills and became a JCPF qualified spiritual healer and practiced spiritual healing at the weekly JCPF healing clinics. • I am a qualified Reiki master • I practice spiritual, trance & energy healing • I am a healer at a weekly healing clinic (Every Wednesday. Sunnyside Age concern building, Webb lane, Hayling Island 6 to 7pm. Donations only) • I run healing, ascension & meditation workshops • I give Trance mediumship demonstrations



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