50% off Online Courses - Pellowah Retreat

50% off Online Courses - Pellowah Retreat
Fantastic opportunities - we are offering a 50% Discount on all our online training courses, books & Dvds for the entire month of August - use the code "spirit" at the check out. We are also especially delighted to be holding a Pellowah Workshop facilitated by Giampietro & Jade Pascasi at our holistic training centre on the lovely Island of Rhodes Greece. This is a great opportunity to learn the healing system while holidaying in Rhodes. This is the first time the Healing System is being taught in Europe, so be one of the first Practitioners in Europe. Are you looking forward to contributing to other people's lives by becoming a qualified practitioner and connecting to your higher self, expanding your consciousness and fulfilling your life's purpose!? Then do not miss this chance! Subscribe to this Pellowah Course Level 1 & 2! Pellowah is one of the newest forms of energy healings. What are some of the benefits of Pellowah? - Enhance your connection with your higher self - Enhance meditative abilities - Cleans meridians in the energetic body - Strengthens chakras allowing them to align and spin in the right directions - Expand, clean and help protect your auric field - Allows for more positive to happen increasing receptivity and attraction of it - Clear negativities - Helps realigning the three bodies: Physical, emotional and spiritual - Helps maintaining balance - Increase the personal power favouring the flow of energy throughout the body enhancing any other healing ability - Help with the connection and transmission of energy enhancing skills in other healing modalities - Connect to the light body and activate it allowing to have clearer vision of this reality and allows to move to explore alternatives - Allows information to flow therefore promoting change - Enhance intuition - Allows comfort and vitality due to its higher frequency nature - Connect the 12 strands of DNA ready for activation - Expands consciousness



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