The Science Behind Mindfulness

Mindfulness: a supercharged awareness fully directed to the present moment in a non-reactive and non-judgemental way. It orients our mind to what is important to us in this moment of our life. Dr Tamara Russell is a neuroscientist, psychologist, martial artist and mindfulness teacher. She believes that it is possible for everyone to find a way to weave mindfulness into their daily lives. In this workshop Tamara will share the technique she has developed, a simple model to help you really understand what is necessary to engage mindfully with the world. Drawing on evidence from brain imaging studies and her experience as a neuroscientist and with teaching mindfulness in a variety of environments from lecturing at King's College London, to the Latitude and Wilderness Festivals, Tamara will show you that with a bit of understanding, anything you do can be done mindfully. Suitable for all levels, this day will provide you with a toolkit to take away, enabling you to integrate mindfulness into your daily life and commence a journey of transformation.



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