Tarot and Mediumship

This workshop is open to all levels. In a relaxed atmosphere we will explore the possibilities of spirit contact through the symbolism, colour and imagery contained within the tarot cards. No experience in tarot or mediumship is required, just lots of enthusiasm and passion. The day will include exercises, visualisations, discussions and joyful play with the cards and communicators. By examining the symbols and colours in the tarot deck using simple spreads and intuitive insights we will see how the cards act as a trigger to bring information forward. These activities are geared towards helping you to gain clarity and personal empowerment from engaging with spirit in a unique format. Highly recommended for those wishing to develop their skills in psychic mediumship, tarot, intuition and the ability to understand the language of spirit on a much deeper yet practical level. Prepare to be amazed at how spirit will resourcefully connect with you and enjoy a day of the latest cutting edge teaching of tarot and mediumship. A major milestone in Avril's life was receiving her first tarot deck from a friend 20 years ago. this marked the beginning of an amazing journey and Avril considers herself most fortunate to be able to pass on her deep wisdom. Avril is a psychic medium, tarot tutor and consultant.



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