The Path of Souls: Are You Ready for the Next Phase of Your Spiritual Life?

This is a soul empowerment workshop. This workshop will bring out core issues and help you to really understand the importance of focusing on developing your light body or "future self". This workshop will help you see the light body with clarity so that you can fully live your soul’s true potential. During the day, William and Clare will weave together the teachings of the great ascended masters and avatars, including the Essenes, the ancient Egyptians and others to help you create a deep and intimate connection to your light body and your next, best self. William and Clare will cover many questions and topics you've always wanted to know more about: Do you feel a burning desire to activate more of your soul's purpose? The Rainbow Body: How to perfect the Soul's vibration. Experience the light body codes hidden in sacred art. Discover the 5 decisions every successful soul must make. The Essenes: Transformation into angels/beings of light. The Cathars: Secrets of tapping the Divine Light. Stargate Metaphysics: The secret of the ancient avatars. The Stargate Secrets of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The New Human. Once you experience the secret of the path of souls, you will know what you need to do next in your life and have the courage and love to do it.



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College of Psychic Studies
College of Psychic Studies - The College was founded in 1884 by a group of eminent scholars and scientists. Its purpose was to facilitate formal investigation into the psychic and mediumistic phenomena that were such a topic of debate in the Victorian era. With great courage, this group of distinguished people, some notable in science, others from within the ranks of the Anglican clergy, defied the prevailing canons of respectability in order to proclaim to a world of increasing materialism that human personality survives bodily death and that this is capable of demonstration.

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