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Flowing Water and Autumn Air - A Gongbath

Today is the festival of Fontinalia in honour of Fontus, the God of wells and springs. All fountains and wellheads were adorned with garlands of flowers in celebration. Let us focus on the soothing quality of water, and air in this time of Libra, the beauty of the Celtic totem animal the butterfly, the native american power animal the raven, and see the richness of opal and tourmaline, October’s birthstones, in our minds eye. In our beautiful candle-lit period hall, experience a calming and rejuvenating soundbath and let the resonance of gongs, chimes, singing bowls and sansula clear the lively energy of the summer months and refresh your mind body and spirit to greet the quieter flow of autumn.
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College of Psychic Studies
College of Psychic Studies - The College was founded in 1884 by a group of eminent scholars and scientists. Its purpose was to facilitate formal investigation into the psychic and mediumistic phenomena that were such a topic of debate in the Victorian era. With great courage, this group of distinguished people, some notable in science, others from within the ranks of the Anglican clergy, defied the prevailing canons of respectability in order to proclaim to a world of increasing materialism that human personality survives bodily death and that this is capable of demonstration.

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