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Stainton Moses - The Phoenix Rising

William Stainton Moses was a pioneer of the spiritualist movement in the late 19th century and has a deep connection with the College as our first President. This talk will look at the influence that Moses had through looking at his astrological natal chart drawn up by Demian and his writings including the many different disciplines of mediumship, channelling, automatic writing and clairvoyance that Moses explored. This is the first time that a precise astrological chart has been published for Stainton Moses, after his time of birth was discovered in the College archives. In this lecture Demian will ask the question ‘what influence does Stainton Moses have in today’s spiritual society and what can we learn for the future of spiritualism through his past work and enquiring mind? To compliment this evening’s talk, the College will be displaying for this evening only, some of William Stainton Moses’ notebooks which record the conversations between Moses, his spirit guides and other communicators. The handwriting of Moses and of each guide is distinctive and questions were asked by Moses of his guides on religious matters and guidance was offered to him on how he should further investigate mediumship.
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