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Explore Past Lives Evening Workshop

Explore Past Lives Evening Workshop
You may well enjoy attending this evening workshop highly beneficial if you have curiosity about the area of past lives and regression in general and are starting to explore this area, or perhaps if you want to check out the benefits of regression as a 1-2-1 therapy, and also if you are considering training in this area in the future. You can find out more about Transformational Regression Training on another page in this site. This explore past lives evening workshop is a mixture of the experiential, anecdotal and theoretical. As well as including a highly informative chat, getting many of your questions answered by an expert on past lives and regression, there will also be the opportunity for attendees to experience entering into their own past life memory by way of a group regression. Past Lives and Transformational Regression helps us to change old patterns at the source of the problem, thus freeing us and allow us to experience positive changes in the here and now of the current life. If you have read this far down the page, then curiosity might grabbed you, or perhaps something resonated as an area in your current life that is worth investigating or maybe you are on a spiritual journey where you are already aware of the potentially vast impact that past life patterns running in your subconscious. Whatever your motivation is, you do need to explore this area, and whether it is this workshop or someone else’s, please do heed the call of your Soul !! For details



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