Card Reading Development Day Workshop

We are pleased to offer this Card Reading workshop. A friendly day of community, please feel free to come whether you are a complete beginner or have started your spiritual pathway. The beauty of having two working mediums & tarot readers is that you will have the experience and knowledge from both of us; but vitally see the most important thing about learning to read Tarot, is that we all read differently. This workshop will be centred around how the attendees work. We will help you find your style for working with cards & use your own connection to give the best reading. Agenda: The Higher Arcana and the Lower Arcana The Suits and their full meaning. Extra Knowledge inc the Zodiac, the Elements. Card Care Client Care Card Spreads Card Reading Practice We will help you build your own Tarot Bible, which works for the way that you work. So either bring your own book which you maybe using, or buy a nice A5 size book if you would like. You will be provided with a workbook of information from the day - if you would like extra pages to add to this to make into your own Tarot Bible then please ask as this can be arranged for a small extra charge. You will also receive a certificate of attendance. A small selection of card packs will be available on the day to purchase. Please bring the deck you intend to use the most, so you can really get to know it. If you do not have a standard deck of Rider Waite style, please don't worry! If you need interpretation on the day then we would be happy to do this. I would recommend you have a deck that you feel drawn to work with. £55 for the day (concessions maybe available so please ask)£10 deposit required - thanks so much to those of you that have already paid. As always this will not be a large workshop as David and I prefer to give the one to one attention that is required. Located in central Winchester, Hampshire. Refreshments provided but please bring your own lunch. Rachael; "I have been always had a connection, but been actively developing myself for the last 12 or so years, initially through the Tarot. I had an instant connection and understanding of the Tarot and use them to bring messages from guides to help individuals to their highest potential. I am passionate about my work. and about taking others into the next stage of their journey, whether through healing or developing their connection through spirit. I am really looking forward to working with you all." Find on Facebook as 'Rachael's Reiki and Readings'. David: "I have been giving public readings since 2011, but that is just the latest step on my path. From an early age I have been receiving messages and signs from the Spirit world. In the years in between I have tried to follow my Spiritual Path, fallen off a few times but always come back to it. The idea of Spiritways has been past to me in many meditations for the last couple of years. Spiritways is a place for people of spirit to meet and share, get Guidance, stock up on supplies, and find about events." Find on Facebook as 'Spiritways' Please feel free to message us for more information, or to book. Please email Rachael on



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