Sound Bath by FLOW Holistic Therapy

Since the dawn of the human race, sound has been used for healing, increasing our awareness, communicating and altering states of consciousness. In this sound bath experience, Richard will be using natural sounds and the OM frequency of Mother Earth to promote a harmonious state of natural well-being. Richard will use the heart frequency to bring conscious awareness to our inner intuition where we can harness our compassion and set our intentions. The sound bath session will last around 45 minutes where you will experience the sound of Crystal and Tibetan bowls, Tuning Forks, Tibetan Bells and ambient sounds to promote relaxation. We will go through breathing techniques to help bring balance and coherence through the session. You will also learn how to use different vowel sounds that ancient people used to promote harmony and self-healing! You will need to bring something comfy to lay on, maybe a blanket, yoga mat and pillow! We can provide chairs if you would rather be seated. We look forward to meeting you! Booking is essential. £15 per person (inc. light refreshment) We can accept payment by phone, BACS or cheque. Call 07866 674 652 Email:



07866 674 652 (Darren Hewlett)

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