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SPIRITUAL YOGA RETREATS IN THE HIMALAYAS OF NEPAL Situated in the bosom of mighty Annapurna, Tushita-Nepal (meaning 'Heaven' in ancient Nepali language) is an ideal yoga retreat resort in Pokhara Valley for self realization - spiritual awakenings. As the name suggests, Tushita-Nepal is amidst the nature (as seen in this picture) and spectacular dramatic views compel to ponder upon mysterious creation of Nature. Indeed, it is a paradise on earth. And, you realize YES! Tushita-Nepal is the ultimate destination for healthy body, mind and soul. It is the best place to detoxify, release, refresh, to kindle and Alight Your 'Self'. Tushita-Nepal is meant for those who are in pursuit of happiness and Peace. UNIQUE FEATURES • 3 mountains above 8000 m. can be seen from Tushita-Nepal • 9 rooms named after 9 planets and accommodated according to zodiac sign • Check in on Sunday and Wednesday only for tantric reason • Planted 64 herbal plants and 15 fruits varieties inside own organic garden • Provided Ayurvedic meals and herb detoxify drink (Self Service!) • World Peace Stupa is Just in-front 5 minute walking distance • Sunrise, Bird watching, jungle hiking, barbeque, gazing milky way in naked sky • Assisting for Astrological outlook, Chakra Healing, Spiritual connection • Every Saturday: Complimentary Yoga course in search of World Peace Ambassadors! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In pursuit of world peace ambassadors !



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