Celebrating the Summer Solstice and the Mighty Oak

Our Venue for the day: Situated in the South Downs National Park, Queen Elizabeth Country Park comprises fourteen hundred acres of downland and woodland. The park is a paradise for wildlife and an area of outstanding natural beauty. Adrian Rooke and Jo Dunbar guide us further along the Celtic Wheel of the Year as we now celebrate the ancient ceremony of the Summer Solstice. Through time immemorial, the summer solstice has been celebrated with joy and gratitude by human beings the world over and today we will do the same in the druidic tradition using myths and meditations, songs and herbs. Working ritually in the forest we will focus on connecting to the huge power of the Oak. The ancient Celts saw Oak as the Summer King of the forest, opening a doorway to another world, or level of existence. They turned to the strength and power of the Oak for the courage and determination needed to embrace new possibilities. The Blasted Oak represents The Tower in the tarot. When lightning strikes the Mighty Oak, its proud crown explodes, and the imagery represents those times in our lives when our world is blown apart. This workshop explores how The Blasted Oak affects our lives and how we can use The Mighty Oak to move through the doorway from a live torn apart to one regenerated with fresh growth. We shall also explore hedgerow herbs such as St John's wort, Mugwort, Melissa, and Vervain. These herbs can bring light and joy into our lives, and in this way, we open our hearts and lives to the joy of the sun at its zenith of power both in the outer world and in our inner landscape. We have a workshop space for private use within the park.



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