Multidimensional Awareness

Are you ready to see beyond your 3D reality? Are you willing to live multidimensionally now? Underneath all of the layers of conditioning and contraction we are already spirit- beings of energy, with complete awareness of eternity as our true nature. We have incarnated in a time when it is possible to fully remember and embody that. This workshop will be an aid to that remembering. There will be a focus on: Stepping into and trusting your innate psychic abilities. Releasing the limitations to the recognition of our cosmic nature. Dissolving old vows and contracts that bind us in 3D reality. Activate, awaken and integrate aspects of self that are already multi-dimensional. Coming to understand and bring online more of your light body In this process, the whole energy field is expanded. Blocked and stagnant energy is released. Intuitive and energetic awareness is enhanced. This workshop is a toolbox for you to open and explore. It will take you as far as you are willing to go at this point in time.



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