Learn the Art of Scrying

This hands on workshop will give you an introduction to the ancient and mystical art of Scrying. Scrying is the art of using different mediums to ‘look within’ to see or visualise images from the spirit world, using the sixth sense (third eye). This workshop will show you how these ancient skills are still relevant in the modern age. By paying homage to our ancestors through keeping their skills and knowledge alive, you will learn how to apply their wisdom to help navigate your way through the complexities of life today. We will start with a meditation, and then you will be guided through a series of exercises which will introduce you to scrying and allow you to practice what you are learning. Each exercise will use a different scrying medium and will be clearly explained by Michelle who will then support and assist you as you carry out the exercise. The different mediums that you will use during the day will range from tea leaves to scrying mirrors and crystal balls. By the end of the day you will be able to give a reading using whatever scrying tool you feel most comfortable with and will leave the workshop with a new skill set that you can practice and develop further. Michelle Hawcroft is a College tutor who uses old skills, used long ago by wise women to teach scrying, past life exploration and psychic mediumship.



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