Fine Tune Your Intention - with the Power of Tarot

Would you to fine tune your intentions to bring greater clarity to your life choices? This evening Avril will be using tarot to show that you are a magician and can create the life that you desire whilst also assisting others to do the same. What is your unconscious trying to say to you? Tarot provides a language for the unconscious and you can discover your deepest wishes in the colour, symbolism and archetypal references contained within the tarot card deck. Avril will talk about the nature of symbolism, colour and archetypes and how we can work with these as a tool for a greater understanding of self. So that you can explore this rich source of information for yourself, everyone will get their own personal tarot card. Avril will intuitively explore information from these cards on a group intention level and for some individually, helping to form an outline of what your intention could be. If you already know, then you will get information about how to bring it into reality. At the end of the evening you will be able to take your tarot card home as a reminder of the intention that you have discovered and set. Maybe it might even prompt you to start learning more about tarot at the College! A major milestone in Avril Price's life was receiving her first tarot deck from a friend 30 years ago. This marked the beginning of an amazing journey and Avril considers herself most fortunate to be able to pass on her deep wisdom. Avril is a psychic medium, tarot tutor and consultant. She has made several TV, radio and media appearances.



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