WELLNESS WEEKEND with Eileen Davies, Ben Davies & Jitske Kuijer

Saturday 10th – Monday 12th June 2017 (3 day course) This is Jitske’s first time as a tutor to Kingswells House and we are delighted to welcome her with this unique 3 day weekend course.  Jitske trained in Thailand in the oldest medical school of Wat Pho in Bangkok back in 2005 and continues to visit every year to refresh her knowledge.  You will be provided a course book during this intense programme for Thai foot reflexology and learn skills that will prevent illness dwelling in the body through the varying foot massage techniques.  During this weekend Eileen will be taking meditation classes to prepare you for the learning process and promote balance between the mind, the body and the spirit. Eileen is one of the best mediators for promoting this balance and it forms an integral part of this weekend.  Ben, Eileen’s son is no stranger to most, and his passion for good wholesome home cooked nutritious food is complimented this weekend as he will be providing a healthy diet, including the ever popular and enormously successful attributes of Juicing to aid further detoxification.  In addition, Ben will be taking Qi Qong classes to further signify the unity between mind, body and spirit and the powerful use of energy that marries these three together. This is going to be a fantastic week with many benefits, not only to you but to those that you practice your new found skills on! Kingswells is the perfect location for this retreat style weekend with focus on your well being.   Minimum Donation of £210 (includes refreshments and lunch)



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