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Essenze Shamanic Therapies

Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, UK



Shamanic work

Connecting in with nature, and the signs that are all around us on a daily basis, are clues to what we need to address within. Experiential shamanic workshops will teach you the foundation of true health. Each workshop focuses on a different aspect of wellbeing.

managing emotions, physical health, managing our thoughts and spiritual beliefs. We first need to define what needs strengthening first.

By having your DOB analysed I can show you what your Power Flower is your most positive strength along with your shadow self traits. We all have a unique outline of personality traits that when in balance allows us to recognise the Soul self. This is the place where we recognise who and what we are in this life - the place of true happiness.

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Essenze Shamanic Therapies

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  • 1st Feb 2019
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VISIT WEBSITE 07554355589
Lizzie Nicolson - Qualified master Shaman , NZ first light practitioner DipNZFE - Nz plants/ flowers have a healing chord within and grow in a non aggressive ecosystem. From your Dob I can bro g up your personality showing your positive and shadow self traits- then give you a blend to balance you. When in balance, the ego stands backvallowing the soul to take ‘thevreins’ Of your life. Find your life purpose and so much more!.
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