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Caroline Malone - Art of finding stillness

Broadstairs, Kent, United Kingdom


Meditation / Mindfulness

I am a trained practitioner of Men. Lama Ngedon Drime in The “Art of finding stillness and calm technique” it is a method of combining the methods of Buddhist meditation, Yoga nidra, Awareness movement practices and Deep awareness practices in a way that will enable people to develop a complete “Inner and Outer control” of the mind and body.

The technique will enable the practitioner to be relaxed, stress free and focused in all areas of their life, Although this is a form of Buddhist meditation I will not be making any references to any religion or spiritual practice. The sense of relaxation using these techniques enables us to have greater clarity and focus on our everyday lives. I will be available after the workshop for support with the techniques.

I will only teach 6 people on each day. Cost £95.

Please call me to book 07482 721191

VISIT WEBSITE 07482721191

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  • 20th Jan 2019
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VISIT WEBSITE 07482721191

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