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Lucid Dreams - Astral Projection - Journey to the Inner Worlds

Leigh-on-Sea, United Kingdom


Astral Projection

Welcome to my personal journal of OBE / Lucid dreaming experiences. Although they are different terms, I very much see them as they same thing, simply labels for the same inner experience of the mind and the greater consciousness. I chose the out-of-body term as all my experiences so far have had the motion of my body floating away from my physical body.

Even in my dreams where I have become fully conscious and immediately leave that dream environment, I experience a strong floating away of my body before appearing in another location.

The Lucid Dreaming term is probably a much safer label for people to deal with. You have to open your mind a little bit more to accept that our consciousness can perhaps really leave the body and travel into very solid consensus realities with stable personalities and structures; far beyond the fragmented experiences of dreams.

As I venture forward on this journey I seek to understand the differences and report them back. Please bear with me on my inaugural adventure as I seek the answers for myself.

Why have I created this page?

I have created this page as a tool to encourage my own sub-conscious to really get behind my desire to learn and experience these wonderful voyages of the mind and beyond.

I also hope in some small way that this also inspires others to dip their toe into this subject and record their own experiences.

The wonderful thing about having an OBE is that it opens up the inner teachers within all of us. We can truly seek and look for the answers ourselves. Out of all the spiritual practices I have looked into during my life, this has been the biggest enabler to give me a good kick up the spiritual backside and DO SPIRITUAL rather than READ SPIRITUAL.

Bon Voyage


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Astral Projection - Lucid Dreaming Experiences

Feel free to share your own experiences or comment on my inner journeys. ;-)

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Ian - I'm a frequent Astral Traveller to the inner worlds during sleep. I have documented many fully conscious experiences during my travels which you can read fully on my website or my group page.
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