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Aberdeen, UK


Akashic Records

What if you can heal your suffering, wounds and release your blockages in Life?
We go through life thinking that our problems are just problems, that they can be solved or not and that’s it.

All our blockages in life are related to Wounds and Limiting Beliefs from the past of this current life or past lives.

The only way to transform your life is by healing yourself.

If you really want to awake and discover WHO YOU ARE, reach your HIGHEST POTENTIAL and see problems as LEARNING EXPERIENCES, you need to heal yourself.
“All you need it is already inside you, it is your own Wisdom, you just need to discover it.”

The Akashic Records are The Universal Memory of Existence.

It is a collection of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions that have happened in the past, present potential future. They are in an etheric plane and they are composed of the energy Akasha (the energetic substance from which all life is formed.)

When we open our Records, we have access to a large amount of information that our soul has been living life after life in different bodies and with different experiences, some of them have been repeated in many incarnations for not having learned the lesson and therefore, we have not been able to transcend them.

By accessing our Records, we deepen in our being and we understand the situations of our lives that prevent us from living fully, in this way, we can release everything that we have created and that has become a blockage in our present life, like traumas from this life or previous lives, depression, anger, frustration, etc. All the answers are in your Records and you are able to access them.

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  • 23rd May 2019
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VISIT WEBSITE +447516423013

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