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Karen Stamper - Past Life Regression Healer

8 Greville Road, London, UK, NW6 5HU

Cognitive / Mind Therapists : Mindfulness : Online / Global Practitioner : Spiritual Therapists

Have you ever been curious about how you can overcome certain obstacles in your life? Perhaps you have a phobia that you have no reason to have. Maybe you are just curious about receiving a message from your Higher Self or which move to make next in your life or you just like the idea of your soul having a spa day!
There are so many reasons that people come to me for a Past Life Healing session and all are individual and unique to the client.

Using relaxation and visualisation techniques I will gently and safely assist you on your journey and we will heal the metaphysical body as we go.
You do not fall asleep, you will remain in control and be fully aware of what is happening. The theta brainwave state that we reach It is a perfectly safe natural state of mind, similar to day dreaming. or meditating you are in this state when you wake up in the morning and drift off to sleep at night.
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VISIT WEBSITE 07952445658
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  • 24th Nov 2021
VISIT WEBSITE 07952445658
Karen Stamper - Hi my name is Karen and I am a qualified Past Life Therapist (S.C.H.H) and Healer based in the UK.
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