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Shafiq Sabir


Life Coach : Spiritual Therapists

Holistic therapies
for the mind, body and spirit.

Welcome to Mr Shaf Sabir

Hi I am Shaf. I am an experienced and certified life coach in South Wales. . I have suffered with blindness since I was a child, but over the years I have coped with physical and mental illness.

This has enabled me to develop 30 years experience of personal and life skills development using self-help, training and practice in some holistic therapies in Cardiff, UK. During the last 10 years, I have been practicing some complimentary therapies and have now started offering spiritual wisdom.

I am an NLP and EFT certified practitioner and a reiki master in Cardiff. I also hold a diploma in life coaching. I have a passion for personal development and can offer many self-help tools / skills and guidance to help put you on the right path for life's changes. As a Personal Development Coach, I can provide support and direction by:

1. Asking questions that provide insight and help you to plan your next steps.
2. Providing you with the necessary tools and encouragement to take positive action.
3. Being committed to your success and progress.
I believe all individuals are talented and resourceful. Yet, at times, we all lack the will, insight or time to create. I am a qualified Personal Development Coach and I am passionate about helping others achieve their absolute best.
Shaf Sabir - life coaching in SouthWales
Looking for a Life Coach in Cardiff?
Contact Shaf:Phone: +44 (0)7496247980

Email: [email protected]


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  • 12th Jun 2018
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