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Rupi Sahib Kaur - The Spiritual Alchemist - MARCONICS

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Healing : Spiritual Therapists

I am Rupi Sahib Kaur and I am a level 1 MARCONICS Teacher and Certified Advanced Level 4 MARCONICS Practitioner & Recallibrator, trained by the originator of MARCONICS, Alison David Bird C.Ht., and co-founder Lisa Wilson, L.M.T.

I sincerely BELIEVE that it's no coincidence that you have found this site and most often, SPIRIT will direct you at the right time to that which your soul needs the most.

WHAT IS MARCONICS ENERGY? This is THE HUMAN UPGRADE - MARCONICS is a full-spectrum, multi-dimensional Ascension healing modality, handed down by Spirit, for the evolution of Humanity. MARCONICS raises our vibration above the fear frequencies of the third dimension and is the vehicle that allows our shift, or our ascension, as we are evolving within and beyond the vibration of the Fifth Dimension. It reconnects us with the love, wisdom and healing vibration of our higher consciousness and our higher selves. This is, in part, what is referred to as being multi-dimensional. We experience well-being when our "selves" in all dimensions are working harmoniously as one.
As an Indigo, intuitive and empath, I have been on my spiritual journey for more than 25 years and I have been attuned to and experienced various healing modalities but this multi dimensional ascension energy stands apart from all the others as I just love all it's effects and benefits!
I offer
1. Practioner Training level 1 - 23/24 February & 23/24 March 2019 in London see for further information

2.. MARCONICS No touch session which raises the client’s vibrational frequency above the Fear frequencies of the third dimension. As alignment occurs with the client’s higher selves, there is an opportunity to create healing, for the client to gain clarity and rise above the emotions like fear, stress and anxiety.

3. MARCONICS QUANTUM RECALIBRATION - Performed in your Energy Field (no touch), the MARCONICS Quantum Recalibration is The HUMAN UPGRADE. It’s a re-tooling of the 3D body to become multidimensional, enabling it to experience, perceive and thrive in higher dimensions.
The Recalibration will allow you to:-• Communicate with your DNA• Take Charge of your Personal Programs• Accelerate your Evolutionary Process• Discover your Life’s Purpose• Align with your Higher Mission• Awaken Intuition/ESP Psychic Gifts• Reclaim .Hidden Talents & Skills• Release Negative Past Life Imprints •Trigger the Octahedron light body/Merkaba •Activate up to 144 strands of DNA.
This is performed only ONCE and the effects are permanent.

The Recalibration includes The Integrated Chakra Unification protocol and this involves the "uncapping" of the bodies chakra system restoring them to their original spherical shape as well as releasing all karmic debris contained in their current structure. This powerful treatment can help release energy blockages from this and from any past lifetimes. At least 51% of karma is removed from the chakras.

As a Marconics practitioner, I run the energy daily on either clients or myself, and find that my life has changed in so many ways. I have shed, and still shedding old patterns of behavior that weren't ideal for me. I am experiencing shifts in my everyday life and feel an overall state of wellness, calmness and positivity.
Over the years, I felt there were many blocks in my life that were holding me back from achieving my life goals but working with this powerful energy, these blocks are disappearing fast!
I am loving this multi-dimensional state of BEING!

I would be honored to assist you in re-awakening your own innate ability to manifest magical transformation through Marconics healing,

I offer MARCONICS No-Touch protocol in person or via remote session (worldwide) and . Recalibration (in person only), in Essex or Central London. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!

VISIT WEBSITE 07776 014335
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