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Adey Close, Southampton SO19 0TQ, UK, SO19 0TQ

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Leilah is a dedicated Energy Therapist, Intuitive Healer, Trainer and Mentor. She is known as a warm and positive person who works from her heart. Her warm and non-judgmental attitude make her clients feel comfortable and accepted.
"My purpose is to help people investigate challenges on a physical and emotional scale to guide people and become free from emotional and painful blocks and to gain the highest understanding of their challenges, to investigate trauma they’ve experienced and allow them to transform into living a wholesome life in alignment"
I’ve had experience with issues of sexual, physical and mental abuse, depressed and suicidal people, people who couldn’t overcome their grief of the loss of a loved one. People with hurt issues, worries, resentment, anxiety, rage issues and so on. It doesn’t seem to matter what our emotional issue is, you are capable of getting in touch with your own wisdom inside.
All of us are capable of going on a Healing process into our past, getting access to our suppressed pain and the stored repressed cell memories, clearing them and completely letting them go. And with all these instances, people have been successful in healing themselves" - Leilah

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