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Still Feeling Fearful

Although we are all feeling a little more optimistic and the fear factor most of the world has been experiencing is beginning to lesson it’s important to remember, nothing has really changed. Feeling fearful seems to be ingrained into everyone, it maybe slightly less than it was but it is still there under the surface.

The vast majority of the human race has never been this connected about anything unfortunately instead of being united in a positive way, we are instead all united in our fear and until we find a way of not feeling fearful, nothings going to change.

If a magic wand was waved and all the worries of the last 18 months was to go away, it still wouldn’t make us any less fearful, because feeling fearful is an inside job.

It’s long been recognised that focussing on what you want will bring more of what you want into your life, alternatively focusing on what you don’t want will bring more of what you don’t.

You only have to see how quickly the world has changed by our collective focus on being fearful has been so effective. Who could have predicted how the vast majority of us would have locked ourselves away, wore masks, kept away from loved ones and watched our jobs and freedoms been taken away with hardly a murmur.

The question must be as we have all focused on being fearful and all the above has happened, what is the opposite to being fearful.
That’s actually a harder question than it seems, if we believe focusing on what we want will bring more of what we want, do we focus on being less fearful, surely that will only encourage feeling even more fearful.

What is the opposite to being fearful?

If for example we felt weak we would focus on feeling strong or we feel frightened to we feel brave.

There is no obvious opposite word for fear.

As mentioned the world is united today as never before we need to stay united and focus on what it is we all want. World peace, end poverty etc there are many far more intelligent people out there who could add to this list.
I personally haven’t felt fearful at all during these times obviously I have been concerned and especially disappointed by how easily we have been so convinced to be so frightened.

However I am not fearful because I Balance everyday and I know many of you who also Balance everyday are also a lot less fearful than the majority of people.

I believe being in Balance is the opposite to being fearful and we need to get that message out there, if being fearful can cause so much damage just think what being in Balance can do.

Everyone can live their lives feeling calm, relaxed and positive so we can think more clearly, we can start to focus on the world we want to live in and all the positive things we can bring into our and everyone’s lives.

By: Alan Cox
https://www.the balance

Tue, 27 April 21 : 9:04 : Enjoy

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