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ME Myself and I - Diary of a Psychic by Nicky Alan

By Nicky Alan
I have always found that light workers have exceptionally hard journeys when on their Earth experience.

We seem to chose more difficult paths on each incarnation, I assume, to reach ascension and to add more colour and knowledge to our ever developing souls.

This time round has certainly been no picnic for me but I do feel that each crash in my life has brought further wisdom and lessons that have proved exceptionally valuable for my future endeavours.

Some of you may or may not know me. Prior to 2012 I worked exceptionally hard as a spiritual ambassador. I was travelling Europe doing live mediumship demonstrations, seminars and work shops, I had been touring with the late Colin Fry, I was a regular columnist in many spiritual magazines and had a two year waiting list for personal readings. I had also done a beautiful programme with Gloria Hunniford, parapsychologist set Chris French and angel expert Glenyce Eckersley called Angels which ran for two seasons on Sky Tv. I had also done many other programmes and live tv appearances. Let’s just say I was very much flying high and loving every minute of it.
There comes a time though, it could be a split second or a slow daunting collapse into a dark abyss that hits you right when you least expect it.
Mine came in the shape of a road accident.

That accident left me bedbound for five years. I lost my faith in the Universe, the angels and the spirit world as I assumed that they had forsaken me.
I became homeless, lost every material possession that I had worked so hard for as a detective in Essex police as well as a full time psychic medium and angel expert.

I lost my life, my career, my health, was in severe debt, I lost my friends and quite frankly my will to live.

I was diagnosed after a year with severe M.E (Chronic fatigue Syndrome) and Fibromyalgia. I knew nothing of the conditions apart from a vague recollection of it being referred to as ‘Yuppy Flu’ in the 80’s.

It stole everything from me.

I lay day after day, month after month and year after year in agonising pain, unable to leave my bed dealing with a lottery of over 200 symptoms from day to day.
I longed to go back home to the spirit world and end my misery.

However, everything happens for a reason and this was no exception.

I realised that I had not been forsaken, I had just blocked out those celestial beings through anger, shock and depression.

Small miracles and synchronicity started to take place, the first being my ten minute visit by my dad in spirit who knew I was in crisis.

I then started to receive angelic visits and all I can say is the miracles that they pulled off were astounding.

During my bed bound days when I was well enough I kept a soul journal of everything that took place.

I noted down my symptoms, emotional well being and mental health. I also noted down the miracles, synchronicity and celestial visits that I received on a regular basis. My guides never left me alone to the point that I honestly thought I was hallucinating. The only thing that proved their presence were my two little dogs Teddy and Mia who would bark at every supernatural visitor that came in attendance.

The journal proved to be invaluable.

As towards the end of my journey the angel realms told me to write a book which would highlight the plight of chronic illness sufferers but would also bring a fundamental message of hope and the absolute fact that we are not alone irrespective of our beliefs.

I did not think for one minute that I could pull it off as an author! But when I was miraculously offered column after column in magazines out of the blue I realised that the angel realms and spirit world wanted to change my approach to reaching the masses, through the power of the word.

I tentatively sent my book out, a memoir of my journey to publishers and was amazed (just as the angels had predicted) to get a deal.

That book that details the most remarkable journey from suicidal despair to absolute peace and abundance will be released on Amazon on the 27th November 2020. It is available to pre order now.

The book is entitled M.E Myself and I: Diary of a Psychic. It is a brutally honest depiction of a miraculous journey surviving chronic illness and thriving to a level of spiritual abundance and happiness that I never thought I could achieve.

So if you are interested in anything spiritual or angelic, suffer with chronic illness or want to read an inspiring book on how to dig yourself out from the darkness and embrace the light, this really is the book for you! It is a message of healing, awakening and soul discovery.

I realised that I have had to change the way I represent the Spirit World and Angelic realms. I had to accept this new way of working and my goodness, do I love it! Especially being able to write in my PJ’s! I also teach and help many people on my YouTube channel under Nicky Alan. I have found ways to work as a light worker from my home and online which no doubt is the way forward in this current climate. It is also- perfect for me as I manage my condition.

Part our our lesson in this life is to accept the challenges, embrace them with strength and focus and surrender to the change and make the best out of the adaption.

I certainly have done this and I cannot wait for you to read my story as I know that it will inspire so many people.

So I will leave it there and do hope you will endeavour to read my little input into this crazy world. During the time you read each page I hope it takes you away to another space where you will realise miracles do happen and no matter what happens in our life there are always invisible hands lifting us up and guiding us along x fact x

By Nicky Alan

Wed, 28 October 20 : 10:10 : Enjoy

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