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Living in Lockdown

Many of the posts I have been viewing and some of the posts I have been posting can cause us to be fearful for the future. In fact feeling fearful permeates everywhere and is effecting everyone, whether it's being infected with corona virus, the fear of catching it, fear of the vaccine, fear of the tracking App, the list goes on.

There's no doubt many of these things are real and shouldn't be dismissed too quickly, however our response needs to be given more thought.

Reacting with fear isn't useful it will just generate more fear and leave us vulnerable to accepting what will appear to be, the solution.

Mandatory vaccinations and Covid tracking devices may seem like a solution at this time, but even a few months ago if mandatory vaccinations or tracking devices were even mentioned as a possibility, there would have been widespread opposition.

What is now making these draconian measures not just acceptable but even welcomed? It is feeling fearful!

Fear or feeling fearful can stop us looking at things rationally and cause us to react to situations and events in an irrational way.

There is little evidence that wearing masks has any benefits to catching a virus, in fact wearing a mask for any length of time is proven to be dangerous to your health.

Social distancing or what I call Divisive Distancing is something that has been pulled out of the air with absolutely no scientific basis and yet look at us. We are walking around terrified to bump into anyone and if we hear a sneeze we freeze in terror, and queuing up in the supermarket like sheep is the new normal. Whatever next?

Have we gone mad?

The big question has to be what can we do?

We have to address the fear or more importantly the feeling of being in fear and I believe the way forward is to be in Balance.

Using The Balance Procedure either the App or the book and cards to become calm, relaxed and positive so we can think more clearly and be in a position where we can respond to the events taking place around us.

Thinking differently about the world is the way to change the world, just look how quickly things have changed by us thinking and feeling fearful.

Let us now try to think and feel calm, relaxed and positive about the world and let's see how quickly our new world can change.

Keep Balancing Alan.

Tue, 7 July 20 : 16:07 : Enjoy

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