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Forgiveness - Channelled By The Masters

A channelling about Forgiveness by the Masters through Theresa Crabtree -

Celestial Gathering
Message from the Masters

February 9, 2020

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are honored again to have this time to spend with you. As always, it is our greatest pleasure to commune with you. We encourage you at any time to call upon us for assistance along your path of Spiritual Discovery.

Today, we wanted to speak on the topic of forgiveness. For many, this is a difficult task indeed. However, when one can step inside the mind of the other, you will always see that there is pain behind the acts of the doer. Take time to go within, asking permission to be shown why this person said or did the things that felt harmful to you. If you can open up your heart enough to feel some compassion, you will see that indeed this person had a traumatic event that has not been healed.

The walking wounded are the ones most likely to do harm. Yet, when one can feel compassion for this person, even in the midst of the pain they are inflicting, you will experience a moment of unconditional love. Is this not what you wish to experience? Unconditional love is an easy concept to consider, however, not an easy task to perform when you are in the midst of the trauma.

At some level, place your understanding of why this person is lashing out. Then make a comparison to a time when you felt pain. In that moment, you likely wanted to lash out or at least do something to prevent more harm from befalling you. As you ponder these situations, you will understand more fully that pain begets pain. This is true for all human emotions. When you feel happy and are expressing moments of joy, it can be contagious, elevating the moods of those around you.

You are the creator of your reality and what you experience within, you will ripple out. Thus, be mindful of what you would like to experience because what you send out, eventually will return to you. If you refuse to forgive others who harm you, then you will experience others not forgiving you for your transgressions or what they perceive to be a transgression.

If you wish to experience more love, then emit more love. At the basis of all Creation is Divine Love. This is a love that will never fully be understood while in human form. It surpasses all understanding. Divine Love allows for all experiences, without judgment. All events are seen as an integral part of the whole. Even the worst case scenarios have value, for in those moments, there are always doorways of opportunity to choose a differing experience.

If you were to choose a space where there was no stress, you would quickly become bored. Thus, begin to value stress as a great teacher and motivator. This does not mean that you should stir up drama or be a part of another’s drama. It simply means that you have taken on a physical incarnation where stress is the order of the day. How you deal with that stress is your choice.

How do you feel your life would be if you were to accept these stressors as an opportunity to express Divine Love? This is the purpose of all lives, to express Divine Love, with every moment, every breath, every twinkling of an eye. Yet, even a life filled with Divine Love, while incarnate on earth will not solve the world problems. Fully expressing Divine Love each moment will not save or possibly even detour the choices another makes. Thus, be responsible for yourself while being kind and compassionate toward others.

Those you choose to forgive have many lessons yet to experience. You do not know the full reason why this person incarnated. You also do not know if perhaps you have been cruel to this person in another lifetime. The past of this person is not known to you, nor the future. However, you can choose to be a good role model, by releasing judgment and grievances against those who trespass against you. This does not mean that you have to like what they say or do. It also does not mean that you should stay in their presence. Forgiveness is an act of allowance, allowing each other to create their own reality.

When you come to a planet that is so energetically dense and populated, you can expect that with the duality consciousness, things are going to be topsy-turvy. You cannot control what others say or do. However, you can choose to be the kind of person you would like others to be. When you implant Divine Love and inner peace within your energy field, as these energies emit forth from you, they will impact anyone who encounters your energy field. This energy can also impact those who are not in your vicinity, especially when you radiate the energy forth from yourself in a conscious manner, such as what is done during remote global cleanses.

When you allow others to express themselves as they will, you give them creative license to do what comes naturally to all of us, to create our reality. There is no greater gift that one can offer to a creator than to allow them to create without restraints. When you hold a grudge or withhold forgiveness to another, you stymie their creativity, as well as your own. This can also affect the physical, mental and emotional health of each of you. One’s spiritual awareness can also be affected, for anger, hatred, revenge and anything else of a low vibration will create blockages within you, as well as the other person. Strong “negative,” low vibrational energy will also flow back and forth between the two of you as long as at least one of you is harboring anger and unforgiveness towards the other.

Thus, step in their shoes for a moment and ask to be shown the pain behind their mask. Then extend love and understanding towards them. It will be more difficult to forgive some than it is for others. However, all of us come from the same Source and are of equal value. It is easy to forget this while in human form. Yet, behind the scenes, you are all connected to a Higher Being that is not bogged down by duality. Every conscious being is an individualization of the whole of Creation. There is no Separation. Thus, what you do to one, you do to all, including yourself. Thus, be Divine Love and shine your Light in every moment.

As you shuck off the dross from past transgressions and accept responsibility for your actions, you will begin to experience the magic that occurs when Divine Love finds its way back to you. Divine Love is the essence of all of creation. Yet, when we are not allowing love to flow, we block ourselves from the most precious gift that exists… being One with All.

If ascension out of duality is your goal, then understanding and releasing Separation is a mandatory understanding to experience and propagate.

Ponder these words, then set into place your plan of action to forgive, release and move towards the understanding and experience of Oneness.

Mitakuye Oyasin, (We are all related.)
The Masters

*** You are encouraged to share this message with others, while keeping it fully intact.

Greatest Blessings,
Theresa Crabtree

The Heart Connection is an exercise to increase self-love and to help balance energies with those you find difficult to deal with.

The Inner Child Healing exercise assists with forgiveness and releasing past hurts.

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