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Road to Health- Steps to Walk Everyday to Lose Weight!

Every step counts!

Yes, it does when you are doing it right. But is it good enough to take tens of thousands of steps per day to lose weight?

Discover the secret to weight loss by knowing how many steps you should take a day to lose weight.

Who discovered walking is a secret to weight loss?

A recent study showed that it was Japan where people first started walking about 10000 steps a day to lose some extra pounds.

Though the study wasn’t based on a medical examination but walking is great for health, anyways!

With the advent of technology fitness trackers have gained a lot of popularity in fitness cautious people who love to count their steps per day.

So let’s find out are these trackers worth it by finding out how many steps per day you should walk to lose weight.

Is it worth to take 10000 steps per day to lose weight?

Yes! It’s definitely worth taking tens of thousands of steps to lose weight. No doubt the number of steps is not fixed as it totally depends on the metabolism of an individual that how many steps will an individual need to start losing weight.

An average non-active individual takes 3000-3200 steps per day. An individual who walks 10000 steps a day actually walks nearly 5 miles per day.

And do you know it’s equivalent to 60 minutes of rigorous exercise?

Things to remember while walking:

Lower down your stress
Avoid junk
Stay hydrated
Exercise regularly
Eat citrus fruits
Drink warm water
Try sprinting
Sleep for at-least 8 hours per day
Utilize the benefits of sex (weight loss)


Don’t just walk, but walk fast. It will turn up the heat in your body which will help burn some extra calories.

And the biggest thing once again doesn’t forget to eat healthy, exercise, yoga, pranayama and meditation.

In addition to walking steps, they all will contribute to weight loss.

Amit Mehta

Fri, 17 January 20 : 11:01 : JoolayLife

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