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Clearing Emotional Content using Sound and the Elements

When we start to truly take responsibility for ourselves and our spiritual path, the first thing that happens is we become aware of deep emotional content. As we reach up to connect to our Higher Self, to God/Goddess, to the Angels, to beauty, peace and love, we can often feel something dragging us down.

By the time we get to our adult years most of us are heroic survivors of a difficult childhood in one way or another. Some of us may have been abandoned, abused, ignored and misunderstood.

But also, some of have been over protected, smothered, restrained and held back, all for the best reasons. Successful conscious parenting is a relative rarity even though we all do our best, and even though most parents really do love their children.

The most important thing about managing our emotions is first to realise that a lot of them didn't start off as ours. As sensitive children and young people we have absorbed a great deal from family and ancestors, friends and the media.

As we move along our spiritual path many of us begin to realise we are not free from the restrictions programmed inside our subconscious. Sometimes these programmes come from even further back, from ancestors who's pain and negativity have been handed down the line. And because we watched others suppress their emotions, we do the same.

It takes a lot to find these suppressed emotions, a lot of resolve, a lot of determination, a lot of awareness. But the main thing to remember is that we are all the same, we are all sensitive, most of us are wounded, and very few of us have had enough love and attention to heal ourselves in the depths of our being.

It is wonderful to realise that we can change this, using a few 'tools and practices' and following some simple guide lines….

There are a few things that are very important….

1. The first important thing is to find out which emotions are yours, and what has caused them in the here and now.

Settle yourself somewhere comfortable. If you like using crystals, choose one to hold and make an intention to go deep inside your heart and listen to your feelings.

Sometimes emotions can get put away for a long time, and then suddenly they get triggered by something seemingly quite minor that really 'shouldn't' matter that much.

You might find yourself feeling absolutely furious about a minor snub by a friend, or about an untimely inconsiderate act that ignored your feelings; but really underneath you might have an old wound of having been abandoned in a much more serious way either in your childhood or in a previous important relationship. And suddenly you feel really awful, hurt and angry inside and unable to express it because it perhaps seems too trivial to talk about it, and anyway the other person is completely unaware they have upset you and seems disinterested in your feelings.

So the first thing is to recognise you are feeling angry, or hurt, or both, and to really honour that fact, to own it, to allow it to be so, not to once again put it away, but in your own heart to listen to the feeling, and breathe into it, breathe deeply, breathe right down into your sacral centre and if you can, make the sound of the feeling, and also move your body around, stretch, shake, whatever comes to you. You might be able to find a few tears, but also you might just be aware of the feeling as a kind of stuck, blocked, slightly numb and awkward place inside.

Once you have identified and are able to name the feeling to yourself, you should already feel stronger and clearer, especially when you realise you can change it, move it, and that in doing so you are transforming your life and liberating yourself into greater opportunities of creativity and self expression.

Our emotions are precious, extremely valuable, and though we do need to 'clear' the negative emotions, it is only so that we can access the power of love that lies suppressed beneath them.

Learning to recognise, own and express our emotions, especially the so-called negative ones such as anger, jealousy, fear, shame, guilt, is one of the most important skills in life. The clarity of our emotional body is a key factor in our ability to grow our personal power and develop spiritual awareness.

2. Have you absorbed some negativity, pain or projection from another and are you 'carrying' their emotion as well as your own?

Once you have identified the emotion that is yours, it is very likely you will be 'carrying' some secondary emotions that have been absorbed from another person or situation. This can be a recent event, or it could be an event in the distant past.

Sometimes a 'sensitive', which includes many of us, will unwittingly 'pick up' the unconscious feelings of others, who themselves are not aware of them. This is actually quite a common occurrence and it is important to get clear whether you experienced something particular emotionally in a recent personal encounter or maybe in a situation where there are a few people feeling strong emotions.

Most of us are very empathic and our emotional bodies are very 'watery' so stuff often easily overflows from one to another.

If this has happened, it will first of all really help to recognise it and intend to let go of what definitely does not belong to you, though sometimes that does require quite a lot of effort as the lines are never that clear and there is usually a bit of the emotion that actually is yours. Just be as truly honest with yourself as you can. It is the intention that counts, and all your guides and helpers will be listening in and helping you clear the overload.

If you practice meditation, it is uplifting and healing to call in your Higher Self and feel a golden light wash through and cleanse and refresh you, imagining that the heavy negative emotion is being dissolved in that golden light.

If you practice yoga, tai chi or chi gung, move your body as you imagine yourself letting go of the negative emotions through every out-breath, and on the in-breaths feel the positive energy filling you back up. Visualise yourself filling up with light and love.

If you love to connect to the crystal realms, hold your crystals and call in the ascended beings to bring you healing love and inner strength and draw that love and strength deeply into your heart and belly.

3. Do you have a friend or counsellor with whom you can share deep feelings and emotions? they need to be someone you are not in an intimate relationship with ……

Often when we are experiencing a negative emotion it greatly helps to share it with another who you trust. Not everyone has friends like this though, so it might be necessary to find a good professional emotional counsellor.
In this context the counsellor needs to be someone who can empathise, listen, and hold you safe while you discover what is going on in the depths of your emotional body.
So if you already have a counsellor, make an appointment as soon as you can so that you can 'unpack' some of the contents of your heart and lighten your emotional load.

If you have done some preparatory inner work, it may be that the anger will show itself and you will be able to express it and get underneath to the places of vulnerability and hurt deep inside.

If you can get through that stage and find your tears everything will feel so much better and you can start rebuilding your strength.

However, really getting to the point of expressing the deep emotions can be a very slippery process, so don't be surprised if it takes a while to get them 'up and out'.

4. Do you have an available reasonably soundproof and private space indoors or outside, where you can light a candle and some incense or even light a fire?

If you have tried all of the above and you are still feeling low, full of feelings and not quite sure what to do next, then it may be time to adopt a more fiery practice to try and access the anger, or whatever other feelings are wanting to come up.

Or sometimes you just don't want to talk to anybody even if they are really helpful and understanding, in which case working with the element of fire should suit you very well. You can of course work with the fire together with a good friend who doesn't actually need to do much other than be there with you, stoke the fire, and encourage you to keep going.

You do need to make some preparations for this method of clearing emotions, and you do need a space where you won't disturb sensitive neighbours or other members of your household, as it could, and hopefully will, get noisy. This is why you need either a space that is somewhat soundproof, or a space outside in nature.

You either need to light a fire if you are lucky enough to have one, or you need enough candles to simulate the presence of a bigger fire for this ceremony. You can create a simulation of a fire by placing many night lights in a fireproof dish or container so that there is lots of flame.

This can be a very simple ceremony, though of course there can be more complex and intricate types of fire ceremony.

In this fire ceremony, the fire represents Spirit, it is the gateway to the other realms, to the realms of light, to the realms of the ascended beings, angelic beings, guides and helpers, those who can work the magical transformation you are asking for and send you the transformed energy back through the fire into your body heart and mind.

Basically you are creating a fire into which you are going to offer all your feelings of negativity, whatever they may be. And as you watch the flames burning away all that you have offered, you imagine and visualise coming from the fire all the opposite energies and qualities, of positivity, love, hope, transformation.

5. You need access to either a bath, shower or running fresh water outside.

As you can imagine, after this fiery process it is a good idea to use some water to wash away whatever is left, to cleanse and cool your body and bring the healing flowing energy of water into your heart.

Like fire, water has magical properties in spiritual healing work.

Think of the water as a divine being and imagine its soft flowing energy entering deep inside you and reaching to where the emotions were sitting before, and feel how the water can get right inside and flow into every nook and cranny and clear away any remnants left after your work with the fire.

Drink some pure fresh water.

And in this last part of your releasing, give thanks for any healing you feel you have received, give thanks for your life and these opportunities to evolve and grow. Give thanks for everything you have been through and all the emotional challenges that led you into a deeper awareness and that have resulted in the expansion of your being in this healing journey.

Wed, 4 December 19 : 23:12 : Sally Pullinger

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