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Vision of an Abundant New Earth

Phoenix Rising: Vision of a New Earth

By Q

As America and other countries devolve into third world nations, many people wonder how this could be happening. It is certainly not by accident and has been planned and executed by the invisible hand that pulls the strings of the puppets we know as bankers, lawyers, politicians, business leaders and other “defenders” of democracy. In reality, these quasi-humans are sociopathic sycophants that masquerade as altruistic, benevolent humanitarians and of course, their agenda is their own self-serving accumulation of wealth and the control all things.

With domination as the goal, they use their battle plan of Social Engineering by means of the Hegelian Dialectic of problem, reaction, solution, which together with divide and conquer strategies, guarantees control over the unwitting masses. Implemented by draconian laws that are fed to unsuspecting people via propagandist media, the money changers have eroded our manufacturing base, that is one of the foundations of a prosperous economy along with sound money backed by precious metals, which also has been deliberately gutted. With unemployment at depression levels, the housing market's imminent decline, debt that is both public and private at all time highs, rapidly increasing inflation and rising taxes, as well as a crumbling infrastructure, it appears as if this country will be laid to rest, like a modern day Rome.

Most people see no solutions to our challenges, and our “leaders,” who created the problems in the first place, espouse that they have the solutions. Einstein is alleged to have said “the problems of today cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them,” or more succinctly; issues can never be solved at the level at which they were created in the first place because, their solutions only add to the deterioration of our country and the continued suffering of the people.

Much research has lead me to a vision that America and other countries will rise again after their inevitable fall, even as the economic and monetary system implode under the untenable debt and outmoded
banking/economic/political/monetary/energy systems that have been created.

Solutions - New Economics

The current economy of the world is a ponzi scheme based upon fractional reserve banking with worthless fiat currency at its core. The currencies are debt based notes posing as money and can be created at the stroke of a key on the computer. In the current economic system, wealth is transferred from 99% of the population to the 1% who control the Central Banks/banks via the creation of currency out of thin air.

National and Multi-National corporations are allowed to exist as entities, yet unlike humans, they have no heart, or soul. It also appears that many of the corrupt people heading them also are devoid of hearts, souls, morals, or integrity.

A visionary and spiritually based economist, Michael Byrnes, has outlined a new economic foundation he calls “Quantum Economics,” that synergizes the spiritual presence and innovative energies of people along with deeper states of consciousness of humans and economics. The backbone of his system is shifting consciousness to love and a reverence for all life, thus serving and sustaining all life.

The cornerstone of a new economy will be advanced energy technologies based upon a prescient understanding of quantum physics based upon universal axioms and not man-made compartmentalized beliefs.

New Physics – Pioneers

One such solution to rebuilding this country is the development of new energy technologies bolstered by Sympathetic Vibrational Physics/Over-Unity/Zero Point energy, whose definition is: “The hypothetical continuous operation of an isolated mechanical device or other closed system without a sustaining energy source.”

Before entering this area of interest and discussion, I request that you ponder why electronic technology has exploded during the past 10-20 years (computers, cell phones, iPhones etc.), yet the very means in which the vast majority of the world’s energy is produced has not changed in over 100 years? How is it possible that we have come light-years in electronic technological advancement, and yet no fervent strides in the means of energy production? The answer is: The Petro-Chemical industry, owned by the hidden hand (Illuminati) has suppressed any attempt to allow the evolution of energy policy or production, while maintaining the means of obtaining from the populace, huge, unbelievable and thought-defying profits, as well as the control of humanity through their surreptitious methods.

Built upon the work of many late 19th century and early 20th century geniuses like Nikola Tesla, Thomas Henry Moray, John Worrell Keely, and Walter Russell, modern day visionaries such as John Searl, Tom Bearden, John Bedini, and Andreas Rossi to name a few, are attempting, at great odds, the transformation of the planet by initiating a paradigm shift in the way we understand what energy is and the rich and fertile landscape available for the creation of advanced energy instruments.

Many new scientists understand and are exploring Hyperdimensional Physics - “A model of hyperdimensional physics based upon angular momentum -- the mass of an object and the rate at which it spins -- but an orbital momentum...” ( and Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - “The driving of a mechanical or acoustical system at its resonant frequency from energy in an adjacent system vibrating at this same frequency. Used akin to vibrations in sounds which produce responsive vibrations induced in one body by transmission of vibrations from another. The "communicated" vibrations are transferred from one body to another coherently or in dissonance. The "excitation" can occur in two reciprocating bodies at the same note, the vibrations of one produces sympathetic harmonic vibration in the resonant. “ (

Unknown to 99% of the population, their technologies are environmentally friendly, non-polluting energy systems that utilize hydrogen, magnetism, plasma, and even water. There is an excellent potential for these systems to be emerging into the world within several years and this will help make the quantum leap of positive change that is necessary for humanity as a whole. Many of these systems are in the initial stages of development, yet some are nearly perfected.

Most of the systems were not developed by dogmatic mainstream scientists, but by brilliant geniuses unimpeded by conventional thought, or physics. Even with limited budgets, they have started to cultivate machines capable of emitting more energy than is required on the input level. This is in direct contrast to the prevailing “laws” of physics which state a system cannot produce more energy than it consumes. Those who oppose this view, like the lemmings or the flat-earthers before them, will go through what German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer recognized as stages for the acceptance of truth:

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

The British scientist Lord Kelvin mistakenly stated in 1900, that “…there is nothing new to be discovered in physics now, All that remains is more and more precise measurement” and “X-rays will prove to be a hoax.” Lord Kelvin was sorely mistaken and modern mainstream, peer-review scientists, who have been indoctrinated to not question their own educational process, will also be proven incorrect in their understanding of the laws of physics, as well as the unlimited possibilities in the field of energy production.

The naysayers will bleat about any device that can have more output energy than is induced into the system as violating the laws of thermodynamics. They harp upon the “fact” that it is “impossible” and ask “where does the energy come from?” The answer is that it comes from the “Aether” as Tesla called it, or the quantum field, or torsion fields as is called by other cutting edge scientists. Not recognizing that energy is not being created, but harnessed, or accumulated from the energy of the quantum field is a narrow-minded, dead-end view, which severely limits true science and progress.

There is tremendous potential that these new Over-Unity energy devices has vast potential of leading to the complete transformation of life on earth, as all the energy needed to power any device will be available to most people, no matter what country they live in, or how remote the region.

With no need for an obsolete electrical grid of transmission lines, decentralization will occur allowing people to own their own power source thus utilizing these motors to directly power homes, businesses, and transportation vehicles independent of controlling interests. This will allow people to once again gain freedom and sovereignty making their own choices and put an end to both energy bills, plus the payment for energy to a company that uses environmentally destructive fossil fuels.

The need for clean, abundant energy in the form of electricity is paramount in the world and should clearly be a basic right of all people. It is unnecessary to pay a private company for the “privilege” of having energy because of their immoral monopolistic means of its production, through outdated methods.

It is probable that after the initial transition to the electric over-unity generators, more progressive forms of energy in the form of magnetism and plasma will power many devices . There are also far-sighted individuals, who extrapolate even more advanced forms of “anti-gravity” engines, both of reverse engineered E.T. Technology, as well as innovative versions from that will potentially eliminate the need for automobiles as we know them.

The new forms of energy will then transform the “poverty consciousness” that permeates world thinking. By poverty consciousness, I am portending that nearly all of us believe in some form of lack. Lack of enough energy, food, water, peace, love, jobs, money, power etc. With the means for inexpensive, self-sustaining power generation available, limited thinking will be diminished, as demonstrated by the unlimited energy available, and this will open the floodgates for the unlimited power of creation that we have, and that we are. When this occurs, we, as humans, will realize that we have the potential to create anything in our lives.

One possibility is that new forms of energy production will allow water to be desalinated, which will provide fresh water to the large majority of the world’s population that live near the oceans. This fresh, desalinized water can be used to irrigate land to increase food production, which will lead to the ending of food shortages, while likewise helping to eliminate the large multi-national agri-businesses, who have prospered in the past thru sheer greed, with profit and control as their primary motives.

With the new Zero-Point energy devices, all of this will be done without producing any pollution, and at the same time allowing for the healing of the eco-systems of the planet. Furthermore, as transportation costs shrink dramatically, so will the price of food.

How Will It Be Done?

There is one thing in common amongst the many researchers who are attempting to further the evolution of humanity with their new innovations; the lack of money. Since many of the people who have and are developing the cutting edge technologies do so with their own funds, or small donations, this has hindered them because most of these independents do not possess significant wealth, which is desperately needed to fully develop these systems. Working in garages, basements and small labs, these modern pioneers are bringing to the world discoveries held hostage for up to a century by current tyrannical, self-appointed overlords.

There is a group of such pioneers, spearheaded by Ralph and Marsha Ring, whom I am honored to call a friends. Ralph worked on such a device in the late 1950's with a team of scientists headed by businessman and Tesla protege' Otis T. Carr. The device that was developed by Mr Carr & his team was named the Utron and functioned, in part, by accumulating energy from the aether by attunement via specific harmonic frequencies.

There as been a concerted effort to discredit Carr's efforts, yet Mr. Ring's account of the scientists developing the technology appears to be consistent and credible.

Ralph has groups, which include electrical engineers, in various parts of the world attempting to re-create the Utron for the benefit of mankind, yet as mentioned, a lack of funding limits their efforts. -


So where could the funding to advance these projects come from? A new breed of altruistic patriots will be born who have the vision and foresight necessary to create this wealth. This class of people will not follow the pathways of ruin that have been brought on by the fractional reserve banking of the current world and will realize the value of precious metals to pierce the veil of the economic landscape and see an opportunity to generate, in physical form, the energy we call money.

With fiat currency on its death bed and the fractional reserve system ready to implode, precious metals will assist those wise enough to penetrate the insidious veil of propaganda our current Huxwellian overlords pound into our psyches. Until the time comes when humanity has raised its consciousness to a position where money is no longer needed to exist, Silver and Gold can furnish individuals with a store of value and capital to invest in creative, earth friendly modes of living.

As the seeding of consciousness pertaining to new forms of energy is accelerated, the synergy between the money needed to produce the devices, will meld with the dedicated inventors of them, which will finally launch a new economy and and with it, a new America.

I foresee that factories will utilize the new motors by owners who do not see pure profit as the bottom line. People will be employed with a living wage and taking pride in their work, will manufacture products that will be the epitome of the world. New technologies, such as 3-D printers
and Contour Crafting Automated Building Construction synergized with Quantum Economics will assist in the evolution of the world.

As humanity transitions from the old paradigm of lack and control into one of expansion and freedom, a quantum leap in consciousness founded in love, caring, compassion, cooperation and respect, will allow the blossoming of mankind in his/her symbiotic relationship with the unlimited nature of the universe.

Yet, at every corner there are cynics who will try to destroy the credibility of these both these ideas and the emerging understanding of Universal science by uninhibited, unswayable engineers. They will blather on about antiquated axioms espoused by mouthpieces for dogmatic institutions of “higher education.” Instead of investigating new information that is contrary to their indoctrination into “science,” normalcy bias kicks in and they denigrate innovative thought forms.

As awareness grows that there are new revolutionary energy apparatuses that will be manufactured in this country, the rebuilding of America will come from within, from people of vision, honor and integrity, which will spread to other regions of the world.

The current systems in this country, permeated by greed and corruption, will implode under the falsehoods on which they are built. After this occurs, there will be a need for investment capital from the newly affluent, precious metals venture humanists, who, in understanding the magnitude of the breakthroughs, will hopefully, with heartfelt virtue, pour money into the construction of many new technologies. Their generosity will usher in a new paradigm and forge the foundation of a New Earth.

What the human mind can conceive and believe it can accomplish.
- David Sarnoff

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.
-Arthur C Clarke

When the impossibility has been eliminated, whatever remains, no matter how improbable... is possible.
-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

“There are many who are living far below their possibilities because they are continually handing over their individualities to others. Do you want to be a power in the world? Then be yourself. Be true to the highest within your soul and then allow yourself to be governed by no customs or conventionalities or arbitrary man-made rules that are not founded on principle.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The more people who become aware of the new potentials that exist, the more rapidly the seeding of consciousness that will take root and grow. We have to be the change we desire because no person, or entity in power is going to voluntarily do so.

Information regarding many of the new energy technologies can be accessed at the following websites:

Breakthrough Energy Conference - November 9 & 10, Breukelen The Netherlands


Sun, 18 August 19 : 12:08 : Q

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