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How to build your healing Crystal kit

When you first start to work with crystals you will want to have a basic healing kit that you can add to overtime. It is advisable to try and collect a wide variety of tumbled stones, crystals and minerals. Below is an ideal starter kit.

Ideal Starter Crystal Healing Kit

Aprox 12 small to medium clear quartz crystals
3 to 4 crystals each including Amethyst, Smoky Quartz and Citrine
Massage Wand
Chakra Kit including minimum of 7 chakra stones
Dowsing Pendulum
A few larger crystals to hold during meditation
Rose Quartz
Caring for your Crystal Kit

Keep hard stones separate from softer ones to avoid damage. Try to keep stones separate, a fishing box or similar is ideal handle terminators carefully to avoid chipping (stones or crystals with pointed ends)

Avoid exposing your crystals to very strong sunlight as colours can fade and fractures can appear.

Charging your Crystals

When you first buy your new crystals they should be cleansed and charged ready to work. Your stones should be energetically cleansed before and after each use. Due to crystals absorbing surrounding energy into the internal structure of the stone the crystal can sometimes become overloaded which in turn will reduce the effectiveness and can cause inbalance in the aura.

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