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Transformational Tools for Your Ascension

Canandaigua Lake, NY, USA

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Ascension Body Upgrades

We have entered a time of increasing Universal energies, which are changing our very existence. Even though we can be consciously aware of these shifts, our body needs to catch up in frequency wholly with the New Earth Frequencies. We can now activate all body systems to respond and make us fully ready for the new Frequencies of Love now available.

We are working with a Higher Frequency Chakra System with New Earth Colours and an Aquamarine Flame as a higher frequency of the Violet Flame. Chakras relate closely to the endocrine system which is a vast system consisting of many different organs and glands. Although we rarely think about the endocrine system, it influences almost every cell, organ, and function of our bodies.

The portal between the physical body and higher realms of energy and light is the body's endocrine or hormonal system. Through this portal, transmissions from our light bodies are mediated into physical chemical messages. These then enter the blood stream as hormones, which regulate the life force energy distribution and functioning of our physical bodies.

It is said that Light Energy from higher dimensions first enters the body at the pineal gland. This small gland located in the brain is the crucial portal for the reception of higher vibrations of Light and is like an extra eye.

Aquamarine is the hue of the New Earth frequency of Love. With this Aquamarine Flame you can access the purest blueprint of the original human. You can remember the lightness, beauty, wisdom, love, joy, the heart of the true human divine blueprint and codes. You can also switch on the New Earth Human Codes and New Earth Human Light Body Grid.

As your Grid activates, you will find that your health will improve and the aging process will slow down. This will inspire you to live in a more healthy way, to eat well, get exercise and plenty of sleep. This perfection template will be telling you what your body needs to function in perfect health as was the original intent.

We are rising up the dimensions and are reconnecting with our own Beauty and Divinity and our amazing multi-dimensional selves. In this Ascension process we are shedding and releasing all past life fears and guilts about our imperfections. The conditioning is being released from the DNA, Akashic Records and Subconscious Mind, as we are rediscovering our Original Intention of Love and Perfect Health.

The New Earth Chakras are being activated at a different frequency to the old. The colours of the New Chakras are more subtle and golden with new sounds accompanying them. Each time you use these new sounds and colours your entire physical vibration reaches a higher frequency. You will feel Bliss, Harmony, Peace and Divine Love. In fact, you will feel different than any other time in all your lives for you are about to set yourself free!

Colours for the New Earth Chakras
Base Chakra – Golden Pink Abdomen Chakra – Golden Peach Solar Plexus – Golden Lemon Heart Chakra – Golden Light Green Throat Chakra – Golden Aquamarine Third Eye – Golden Blue Crown Chakras – Golden Lilac and Opalescent

You can add these new colours to your regular chakra balance meditations by imagining roots growing into the New Earth vibration. See the colours spinning in each chakra of the body, front and back, and opening all the thousand petals at the crown.

You can say this prayer regularly to prepare yourself for your Ascension and New Earth Chakra System Activation:
DNA Prayer
My Chakras are Divine Mother Father God Love.
My Base Chakra is Divine Mother Father God Love.
My Abdomen Chakra is Divine Mother Father God Love.
My Solar Plexus Chakra is Divine Mother Father God Love.
My heart Chakra is Divine Mother Father God Love.
My Throat Chakra is Divine Mother Father God Love.
My Third Eye Chakra is Divine Mother Father God Love.
My Crown Chakra is Divine Mother Father God Love.
My Heart is Pure Love.
My Muscles are Pure Love.
My Bones are Pure Love.
My Lungs are Pure Love.
My Liver is Pure Love.
My Kidneys are Pure Love.
My Pancreas is Pure Love.
My Spleen is Pure Love.
My Stomach is Pure Love.
My Digestive Juices are Pure Love.
My Intestines are Pure Love.
My Whole Body and my Skin are Pure Love.
My DNA is Pure Love.
My original Divine Blueprint is Pure Love.
I am my original Divine Blueprint of Pure Love. I
Love Myself and My Soul Totally.

Sun, 14 April 19 : 6:04 : Azraella

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    Transformational Tools for Your Ascension

    Canandaigua Lake, NY, USA

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