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Transformational Tools for Your Ascension

Canandaigua Lake, NY, USA

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Birthing the New Earth

Since 2012 and before, we have been entering a paradigm change! We are experiencing more integrity, an evolving New Earth, and a mass consciousness shift to a higher spiritual awareness.

It is said to be the end of a major cycle in the Mayan Calendar Cycle of 26,000 years. The Hopis moved into their 5th world from their 4th world in 2012, each world lasting about 1000 years. The Greeks, Romans, Hindus, Zoroastrians and Tibetan Buddhists have also predicted this time. The planetary alignments and astrology of 2019-2022 are helping us more than ever, make the transitions into a higher consciousness. We are moving into a new universal calendar of a new time versus a manmade calendar of time.
It is not the end but the beginning of a new era. Our DNA is naturally changing with these shifts, in the new frequencies of Love and higher consciousness for this new time of the New Earth.

We are complex human beings that have been incarnating in third dimensional existence for a very long time. Many people now are very much caught up in the matrix of planetary existence and are unaware of the control it has on them. We each carry, at our core, wounds, worthlessness, lack and fear. All these are old patternings and habits, which we need to release or transform, otherwise we will still carry them in our subconscious and cause disharmony. As conscious beings, we need to be fully aware of our reactions to life and free ourselves from self imposed restraints. There is a choice to do the work, the meditations, and the therapies necessary to move forward on your spiritual path. You can then live and breathe your spirituality and walk your talk, living in your own truth. Also you could be carrying the group human and ancestral suffering at times which can burden us unnecessarily, which again is good to release. There is a choice to complete our karma and even to complete our Twin Flames karma, so that you can come home to your true self, Soul and to God.

During this profound paradigm change, you will probably feel the need to be as unencumbered as possible from your past, to feel and live in the new energies. Being self honest helps us do this too. The greatest healing is to forgive all people that have hurt or wounded us, and forgive ourselves. Then begins the acceptance we are all perfect imperfect humans and become grateful for all that you do have on a daily level.

There is one thing I know for sure – you are loved and adored by Mother-Father God, all Angelic beings and your Soul Group. Once you step into their vibration fully, you are being set free to leave more at peace with yourself and all. Right now for the first time in thousands of years, the veils have lifted between our world and theirs. Our former glory as multi-dimensional, super-conscious beings is returning. People will be lifted up a step from their current level of awareness creating a higher consciousness for humanity. There is a massive orchestration occurring in the higher realms to make this possible too. Every being in spirit has already been lifted up in vibration and readying themselves for our mass awakening. Many of these beings have a role in helping us during this process and include the Devas, DNA Devas, Angels, Archangels, Elohim, Planetary Beings, Ancient Beings, Creator Gods, our Twin Flames and so many more are part of your spiritual ascension teams.

Signs you are living on the New Earth
What concerned you for years as well as your reactions have left you
What you had to work on in terms of old patterns and habits, is no longer is necessary
You are surrounded by people who do not have baggage
Your spiritual gifts have opened to the full
You no longer feel you have to be part of the matrix and create a life of peace, creativity, joy and abundance in a brand new way
You no longer are seeking answers, you find them all within
You are joy and celebrate each day
You find your connection with the God within in a brand new way
Every level and part of your life is easy and you are set free
and more……

Suggestions of how to live in a New Paradigm
On a daily basis, tune in to your Heart and live in your Heart Wisdom.
Consciously create your piece of Heaven and Peace within you and around you – seek serenity.

Pray regularly to bring in the higher Love energies for the planet and the All.
Pray to link with all Lightworkers and hold hands with them across and around the globe.

With much love, light and blessings, Azraella Jayne ♡♡♡

Birthing the New Earth
by Azraella Jayne Chilkes
April 2019
Four Ascension Books:

Sun, 14 April 19 : 6:04 : Azraella

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    Transformational Tools for Your Ascension

    Canandaigua Lake, NY, USA

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