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Paper Angels

Hello again, and welcome back to our blog page, Blog Twelve.
This week we will be talking about our beautiful track ‘Paper Angels’ from the album ‘Summer Breeze’.

Simplicity Itself

‘Paper Angels’ materialised once again when working on the album ‘Summer Breeze’, and the simplicity of this individual and very angelic piece of music shows itself through the eyes of a child. It is very often the straight forwardness that all children have that is so refreshing in the complex world that we live in today, and capturing the essence of this particular piece of music is what created the wonderment.

Hand Made

I think we all like to receive the hard work and sentiments that are attached to a gift that is hand made, but when it has been made by little hands, and with so much thought and effort, not only is it unique but extra special too. As this particular track materialised, not only did ’Paper Angels’ begin to become the perfect title for this beautiful piece of music, but accompanied with the gentle, pure and angelic sound of the melody, the energy and vibrations that showed themselves within this particular track soon became very apparent as well.

Angelic Vibrations

Energy isn’t something that people necessarily understand in the busy world that we all live in today, but when you work constantly with energy like Gary does in his Practice, it is a very real and normal part of everyday life. So as with all of the music that we create, it is that gentle and angelic melodic line, and that little piece of magic and sparkle that helps to create just the right vibration for each and every piece of music that we Compose and Produce, each and every time.

Listening & Looking with Fresh Eyes

As with all of our individual pieces of music, they will take you on a fresh new journey each and every time you listen. This is very much the same way that a child may perceive what is presented to them, with great simplicity and with fresh eyes. When as an adult this is allowed to take place, this is very often when the imagination begins to flow, with no interference of thoughts that may interrupt what is being listened to.

The Wonderment within Our Imagination

The wonderment of our imagination is vast, and it is only when as a child this is encouraged and allowed to flow, that we begin to experience as well as realise that anything really is possible. We are told many times through out our lives how it is important to pay attention as well as to focus, but equally whatever age we may be, it is just as important to have some me time, which in turn will assist the imagination to flow.

A Time and a Place

As we all know there is a time and a place for everything, but the next time you see your little ones day dreaming, or catch yourself being in your own little world, perhaps we should just allow them, or yourself to see where your imagination may take you!

Catch up with us next time when we will be talking about why all of our music is perfect for Children.

Speak Soon, and please feel free to share our blog.

Paper Angels can be found here:

Fri, 7 December 18 : 12:12 : Jane Armes

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