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The Wisdom Held Within And How To Access It

All the wisdom you will ever require or need is held within yourself, all the guidance you ever need is also held within yourself too. How do I access this you may ask?, many books and articles have been written about accessing your higher self and merging the heart with the head, and many ways and practical exercises have been given to achieve this. But this can all be rather confusing and also why does my inner wisdom and knowledge come from my higher self ! This can create a barrier, like your higher self is better than who you are now at this moment in this incarnation. What about if you call this your infinite self, your boundless self, your self with no limitations, barriers or restrictions. This new era and civilisation we are giving birth too, requires us to take sovereignty and mastery over our lives and our future path.

For to long mankind has been shackled and handcuffed by corrupt institutions, governments, religious institutions and corporations and educational establishments . Previous generations and our ancestors and ourselves have been conditioned and told what to believe in, what to eat, were to work, what to study,were to live, were to love and were to worship and we have been persuaded that its dangerous to listen to our hearts, that's its better to listen to our minds and logical thinking is the only way, that listening to our hearts is frivolous, its dangerous and that it always ends in tears.
Generations of our ancestors told to be grateful for what little they may have had, to tow the line, to not have ideas above there station, to learn there place in life and not have any ideas of grandeur. I can even remember my parents saying these very things to me as I came from a poor working class background in Lancashire. We can be whatever we want, we can have what ever we desire, we can achieve what ever our hearts wants for us, its all there just waiting for us to believe that we can have it and that we deserve it!!.

How do you get these things, simple listen to your heart, sit down with a pen and paper, light a candle and talk to you heart, tell it that you are really listening and then ask it to speak to you of your deepest dreams and aspirations, write the list down, then let all that information sink in.

When you are ready, ask the Angels to assist you and the Universe in achieving these dreams, make a list in the order you would prefer them to be delivered, what you must do is look for signs after asking the Angels and the universe as these signs will be opportunities that are sent to you to make these dreams a reality, and the VERY IMPORTANT BIT IS TO TAKE ACTION WHEN GUIDED its that simple .

When we put into action what our hearts want us to achieve and pursue it , the Universe opens up and assists us to achieve this, and the Angels and source will support and guide us also .There is no big secret to accessing that wisdom, the wisdom comes from our own hearts, the heart is the gateway to our soul and when you learn to trust and listen to your heart and have faith in what it says, you will achieve your dreams and break out of the old confines of human life and humankind as a whole will emancipate its self .

Our hearts might tell us to make some difficult decisions but it always has our best interests at heart and it always has our back !, if we can make those difficult decisions normally it will take us away from people, places, situations, jobs and homes that no longer serve us and it will lead us to a better place, better people, better job, better home, the list is endless .
When the majority of this planet follows their hearts, can you imagine what will happen, there will be millions of people happy, contented, fulfilled, living their dreams, loving life, they will be serene, peaceful and heart centred .

Can you now see what will happen to this world and what it will become, I am living my dream and you can too !.

Lynn Morris
Author- Teacher- Healer

Fri, 30 November 18 : 13:11 : Enjoy

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