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Lucid Dreams - Astral Projection - Journey to the Inner Worlds

Leigh-on-Sea, United Kingdom

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Letting Go! – Dream to Lucid Astral Projection

Last night I had another small OBE, this experience converted straight from a dream. I still have more experiences to write up going back to 9th of February 2016. I will be interjecting new experiences as I go.

It’s also been 15 days since two other experiences I had on the 26th of March, which I also need to write up at some point.

I was worried that was I trying too hard. I got to the point where I was making attempts every night and putting a lot of pressure on my sub-conscious to deliver. I decided to Let Go and make attempts a few times a week to see what would happen. I’m still writing down my dreams everyday and updating a database of any conditions that I can use to analyse with later, such as diet, meditation practices, life-style and well-being etc.

In terms of diet and life-style this experience definitely bucked the trend. I did meditate during the day for an hour before my mum turned up to come out with me for the day with my daughter. I did a visualization of a London bus. I used an additional technique to touch and feel the experience. I’m not great at visualization when fully conscious, the touch element really helped bring the meditation to life. Afterwards I did spinal breathing followed by a deep I’AM meditation.

After visiting our local town we had a small fish and chips in our local fish shop. In the evening I ended up having another Indian meal and a couple of drinks to spend time with Laura my wife. It was a welcome down time to a very busy working week at home against the backdrop of half term where juggling work and having the family around can be a real challenge, especially when one of the web servers I manage, decided to play up and cause me to work very late.

Surprisingly, against that backdrop, I just wanted to relax and Let Go on Saturday night.
I went to bed around 11pm. I had four OBE books by the side of my bed that I had found earlier that day in a cupboard I had cleared out earlier. I used to run a spiritual book library at a local spiritualist church many years ago and wondered if I had any OBE books archived up there. To my delight I had four books I could read at some point. They were now stacked on my bedside table.

Throughout the night I had many decent dreams. I set my intention on awakening to remember them for my journal. In one dream I was talking to one of my friends about OBEs when I suddenly said, “Am I dreaming!” This suddenly catapulted me straight out of the dreamscape into a tunnel. My subtle astral body was now in full motion flying through a void. I was now moving very fast, however, I couldn’t see very much. I said “Clarity Now!” I still couldn’t see much apart from vague shapes and colours. Due to my initial surprise of finding myself in the OBE state, I wasn’t prepared on a goal. I was worried that if I didn’t think of anything soon I would exit the experience and just wake up.

The only thing that popped into my mind was my last trip-out to Hadleigh castle. Without hesitation I said “Take me to Hadleigh Castle in 1360!” With that I was instantly transported to the castle in its full glory as it may have looked in 1360. Personally, I feel I hadn’t really maintained this experience properly. Although I had projected my consciousness out to view the castle as it was in 1360, I do feel what I saw was more a personally constructed projection of the castle with many overlays from my own thoughts. I had great fun flying around the castle taking in its magnificent size and it’s opposing presence high up on the hill.

Today the castle only has one main tower standing and two other corners that have lost much of what they resembled. Now I was seeing how these remaining structures fitted into the overall design as it may have looked. I really got the impression how popular this piece of heritage would be today if it were still intact.

After a while the experience started to become more a lucid dream. I was now inside a virtual reality CAD piece of software. I was controlling the scene very much like a computer model. I was changing the colours and textures of the castle to see what was most likely. I pixelated the textures, made them smooth, zoomed right out and back in again. I even changed the sky and surrounding scenery all with my mind. Looking across the Thames estuary you can normally see Kent. I had now unconsciously overlaid the modern city of London with its many tall buildings as a background against a red sky as the sun was setting.


I feel this experience started out as an OBE from a dream but after projecting to the castle the experience was more likely a Lucid Dreaming experience. It was very thought responsive, perhaps initially created by the great unconscious that already has a blue print of the castle etched into its memory. With the power of our minds we can construct anything we want with just thought alone. This is the complete opposite from a consensus reality experience where the structures are firmly stable and fixed by a collective of minds that inhabit these realms.

I was very appreciative if this experience as it confirmed to me that Letting Go, can be all that’s needed to succeed.

Mon, 1 October 18 : 14:10 : Ian

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    Lucid Dreams - Astral Projection - Journey to the Inner Worlds

    Leigh-on-Sea, United Kingdom

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