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Conscious Evolution-Multidimensional Quotes by Anthony Brown

By: Anthony Brown and Mary Ann Harrington

Anthony Brown is one of my multi-dimensional friends. He acquires information in extraordinary ways. Anthony’s expanded soul appears to touch into realities most people cannot conceive. Is he able to penetrate the secret of the core Einstein refers to in the following quote? Perhaps?

"My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists." Albert Einstein

Although everything appears quite dire when I read the news, lately, Anthony’s optimistic quotes regarding our current path of conscious evolution, give me hope. I hope his insights will inspire you too.

The quotes are from my notes and not in any particular order. Enjoy!

Quotes: Anthony Brown

"Truth resides in each soul open and fresh to ideas."

"Creationism is controlled by a united field of awareness, where nature is bound by rules, including man."

"Mankind ready to live in harmony with nature. Critical mass forming one soul at a time."

"We must evolve so more light and love create magic once again. Dream of that day. "

"Reality is a changing dynamic. It shifts as we shift."

"Always remember, truth trumps lies no matter how noble the intention."

"We damage ourselves when we damage each other and the planet we call home."

"Life continues as we sleep. We never cease to exist."

"The planet is resonating with universal flow of ideas."

"Massive change must occur if we are to thrive and continue to evolve as species with much power and responsibility."

"High ideals increase vibration spreading out from the hearts of open channels ready to hear God's call."

"Ascension Process is underway. Heartfelt frequencies forming streams of awareness influencing group thoughts. Feel dormant ideals rising to the surface, creating substantive growth in the hearts of people to love more openly. People are forming very kindred opinions of how to change trajectory of future downfall of humanity and planetary demise."

"Great shift occurring now. Our cause is to shift mankind to elevated state of awareness. This heightened state allows love to lead and mind to follow. Beauty is created by love. Beauty is manifest in all god's creation. When we absorb beauty our hearts are uplifted. Behold beauty in everyone and you will be elevated by Divine Grace"

"Understand shift needs continuous support from current and future generations. See more light coming into our collective field. The light frequency will make this necessary transition able to come into fruition. This is the beginning of our development of a wider gentler way of treating each other and all creation."

"We are in desperate need of new ideals based on mutual support and sharing of our planetary home. Heart driven dreams change outcomes quickly when aligned with source energy. Great changes occurring now. More people understanding truth of loving kindness. Many more joining "our field" to topple outdated beliefs of greed and scarcity."

"Massive change must occur if we are to thrive and continue to evolve as species with much power and responsibility. Beware! Keep centered on love. Creationism is controlled by a united field of awareness, where nature is bounded by rules, including man. Fluctuations are allowed. Deviations are allowed, but ultimately divine orchestration takes over."

“The torrent of truth lies between the seen and the unseen. Features of consciousness teach us to be a aware of loving vibrations. Dear treasured thoughts form pathways for soul ascension forcing elevation of all seeing people to energize those people who do not yet see the light wracking their souls to unite with God. Reaching, elevating and surrendering to truth within all humans, yet to be reconciled with divine inspiration frequencies. In turmoil, but will level out our personal electromagnetic field to join the collective field with increased light and power (to) bring forth a kindness much needed for earth survival.”

We would love to receive feedback. If you have any comments or questions for Anthony Brown, or me, please put them in the comment section.

Anthony added: "Ready to dream big, feeling optimistic. Open your hearts to divine inspiration. anyway which feels right to you. “Love, Anthony.
PS Hope to hear from you."

Thu, 14 June 18 : 14:06 : Enjoy

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